Internal Auditor – Oman Air

Educational Qualifications
Bachelor Degree in a related discipline preferably in Finance, Business Studies, Management or Information Technology having 2 years of relevant experience preferably in Internal Audit.  Proficiency in English (Spoken & Written) Proficiency in MS Office Knowledge of flow charting Knowledge of auditing policies and procedures Analytical skills Time Management skills

Experience Required As mentioned

Job Location Muscat

Job Description
OPERATIONAL: Audit Operations
1. Meet with all levels of auditee department personnel to understand the processes and to document these processes (using flow charts)
2. Analyse the processes to identify risks (business, inherent) and related internal controls and to document the same (identify and report the significant risks against which there are no internal controls)
3. Create / Update the audit program in co-ordination with Sr. Auditors / Assistant Managers based on the process study (includes designing control and substantive audit procedures to detect any system weaknesses and misstatements due to fraud or error)
4. Conduct the audits as per audit program and perform substantive and analytical audit procedures.
5. Test the design, implementation and operating effectiveness of the identified controls and prepare / update inherent, control and combined risk assessments for identified significant transactions.
6. Carry out audit procedures as per specified audit program which includes substantive and analytical audit procedures.
7. Conduct spot checks / site visits to assigned departments, collect and collate information.
8. Document the working papers as per the IA department policy and practice in line with International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (“ISPPIA”)
9. Draft the information, documents and supporting required for the audit and communicate to auditee under the supervision of Senior Auditor/ Assistant Manager
10. Discuss/ validate the observation made with the operational line staff.
11. Discuss the finding and observation with Senior Auditor/ Assistant Manager and prepare the draft audit report as per the instruction from Senior Audit/ Assistant Manager.
Audit Liaison
1. Coordinate with other department line Managers and operational level staff ensure that the information required for the internal audit is accurately provided
2. Coordinate with Senior Auditor/Assistant Manager in drafting audit report and recommendations for audit findings

Closing Date 10-08-2017

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