Supervisor – Customer Service – Oman Air

Educational Qualifications
Degree in related discipline OR Two years college Diploma in related discipline with 4 years of relevant work experience. OR DGR license for Check-in with Secondary School certificate having 8 years of relevant work experience

Experience Required As mentioned above

Job Location Muscat inernational Airport

Job Description
Check – In / VIP
Supervise proper customer service skills , ensure correct display of Check – in counters as per the allocation and carry out periodic checks to ensure serviceability and initiate required further action for any unserviceable equipment , Carry out checks to ensure adequate stationary are available at the counter.
Supervise timely opening and closing of check in counter (at least 3 hours prior to STD or as company guidelines). Make sure that the counter planning is carried out professionally to cater to the operation demand, taking into considering the loads, opening and closing times, baggage make up area capability and special requirement.
Oversee staff mans the counter and do not leave the counters with unattended passengers and ensure availability of cashiers and adequate stocks of airport tax and excess baggage tickets are given to staff.
Supervise the procedure of excess baggage calculation, dangerous goods acceptance, MEDA, WCHR, Position are known to brief staff and advice the duty Officer / Supervisor fully when problem arises. .
Report any system failure such as DCS immediately to Departure Supervisor and Duty supervisor and duty officer.
Based on operations, plan the staff availability and their allocation, plan overtime staff if necessary to meet the demands of flight handling if necessary.
Liaise with airline representative and co-operate with airlines to open counters at least 3 hours before departure, subject to availability of staff and counters.
Act on incoming communication relating to operation requirements and follow up action as required and co-ordinate with other sections such as catering/engineering /Cargo/ramp/arrivals for operational requirements
forward activity report to the management to cover important event during the shift and carry out proper record and briefing during hand over and take over.
Hold periodic discussion with the staff regarding problematic areas, find way and means of overcoming problems and maintain and develop harmonious relations with supervisors , subordinate, Air line representative , ROP personnel and passenger
Boarding gates are to be allocated to cater to the needs of operation requirement .consider the operation times, special requirements, loads Reallocate gates when delays occur to avoid overlapping
Ensure staff are available at the departure gate as per allocation to start boarding on time and carryout special briefing prior to commencement of boarding. staff are to be reallocated when required to ensure optimum use
Ensure boarding gates are displayed correctly according to the plan
Ensure sufficient stocks of limited release tags are available
Collect gate keys from ROP and all gates are secured properly and all keys are handed over back to ROP after completion of boarding prior to end of duty period.
Ensure periodic announcement are done to process passengers and floor walkers are active to process passengers to respective departure gates
Ensure correct exercise are carried out to establish correctness of missing passengers and sort out discrepancy as quickly as possible to avoid station delays keeping in mind the importance of safety and security
All facilities at the gate to be checked at regular intervals and initiate action to rectify malfunction and record such issues in the handover takeover log book

Closing Date 16-10-2017

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