Aero-science Instructor – BAE Systems – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

BAE Systems is the UK Government’s nominated Prime Contractor under the Government-to-Government arrangements that are in place to provide equipment, support and training to Saudi Arabia. We provide maintenance of Royal Saudi Air Force aircraft and train RSAF personnel safely in a training environment in how to use their aircraft, equipment and weapons.
BAE Systems Saudi Arabia is committed to supporting the Saudi Arabian National Agenda including Saudisation and the training and development of Saudi National capability through the growth of the Saudi National Partner Companies thereby reinforcing Industrialisation and Partnerships.
The Job Holder is directly responsible to the Academic Manager Scientific Studies and his management team. He is a key member of the O&AT training delivery team at the King Faisal Air Academy (KFAA) and is primarily responsible for:
The ongoing design and development of a number of relevant Aeronautical Science subjects’ courseware.
Instructing Officer Cadets in a number of relevant Aeronautical Science subjects.
The maintenance of Officer Cadet discipline within the classroom environment.
The assessment of Officer Cadets during the Scientific Studies phase.
The recording and reporting of any issues that affect training delivery.

The Job Holder is to have a tertiary College, University or Military Academy background have specialist knowledge in at least one of the following areas:
Aircraft and Flight Performance.
Aircraft Engines.
Experience in the design and development of courseware and training materials.
Fluency in English preferably to IELTS 7 Level (if non-native speaker).
IT literate with knowledge and experience of Microsoft Office.
Able to work independently and as part of a team.
Able to prioritise and meet deadlines.

In addition, the Job Holder is to have:
An Academic Background with:
Relevant Master’s degree (preferably an MSc), or equivalent.
Completion of a one-year post-graduate teaching course, an Instructional Technique (IT) course or equivalent.
Relevant instructional and teaching experience within five years prior to appointment.
An Ex-Military Background with:
Minimum of 1500 flight hours.
Completion of either a one year post graduate teaching course, a ground Instructional Technique (IT) course or a comparable course, for example Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI), Qualified Navigation Instructor (QNI), Qualified Weapons Instructor (QWI).
Experience as a QFI, QNI, QWI in an Operational Conversion Unit or Squadron.

The Job Holder will be expected to:
Instruct in relevant subject areas according to the approved syllabus.
Deliver or supervise demonstrations in relevant subject areas.
Conduct visits to relevant areas of interest.
The Job Holder will be expected to:
Conduct regular assessments to ensure cadets are progressing academically.
Conduct phase-end examinations to ensure training objectives have been achieved.
The Job Holder will be expected to:
Adopt and promote independent learning and a military ethos in line with the training environment.
Provide on-going evaluation of cadets’ discipline as part of their final assessment.
Counsel and motivate cadets, where applicable, on relevant academic and discipline issues.
The Job Holder will be expected to:
Record cadets’ academic assessment results.
Record cadets’ lesson attendance.
Record any discipline issues with cadets.
Use the training management system to ensure that all records are accurate, up-to-date, orderly and easily accessible.
The Job Holder will be expected to:
Provide regular reports concerning cadets’ academic progress, lesson attendance and discipline.
Report any other relevant issues whenever required or deemed appropriate.
The Job Holder will be expected to:
Regularly review courseware for relevant subject areas as part of the SAT.
Recommend and implement changes to relevant courseware.
Regularly review assessments for relevant subject areas as part of the SAT.
Recommend and implement changes to assessments in relevant subject areas.
Apply Company procedures for configuration control of curriculum and courseware, including preparing documentation and supporting data for curriculum or courseware change requests.
Recommend the acquisition or purchase of relevant courseware or equipment.
Integrate new courseware or equipment into the relevant course.
Ensure all training equipment is properly maintained and stored.
Contribute to preparation of timetables, scheduling and allocation of instructors.

Other Duties
The Job Holder will be expected to:
Ensure compliance with SHE policy and processes and Duty of Care responsibilities.
Undertake all mandatory and developmental training as required by the Company.
Adhere to acceptable standards of behaviour, dress and performance as defined in Company policy.
Provide feedback to management to improve service performance and responsiveness and identify opportunities.
Perform additional tasks as requested by Line Management that can be construed as a reasonable activity for a professional teacher / instructor.

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