AGRICULTURE LEAD – Parsons , Saudi Arabia

Job Description:
You’re a natural-born entrepreneur: adaptable, flexible, and enthusiastic
You can kick into action in any number of ways in order to get the most profitable result. You’re often able to project an outcome, and if an idea isn’t working, you take off on a different plan of action. You’re driven, focused, and a motivating force to colleagues. You’ll have great success in our environment. We would like to speak with you.

Responsibilities :-
May function as discipline Project Engineer on medium to large projects, assuming responsibility for the work of the group.
May plan, direct, and supervise the work of a major engineering unit or project requiring a large-scale expenditure of manpower and financial investment.
Leads other Engineers and design personnel in technical excellence and growth in the Quality Improvement Process.
Provides technical consultations for interdisciplinary analytical studies and analyses.
Ensures compliance of design with all applicable codes and regulations, providing the seal and signature of the professional engineer when required by statute or contract.
Prepares material/equipment specifications and purchase requisitions; reviews supplier data; witnesses shop tests, assists with assessing supplier manufacturing capabilities.
Develops operation and maintenance plans; develops standard operating procedures; prepares O & M manuals and may conduct on-site training of personnel.
Conducts surveys, studies, and site investigations.
Performs reliability, availability, maintenance (RAM) and safety analyses.
Maintains affiliation with professional societies to keep abreast of current technologies.
Helps determine budget estimates and staffing requirements for the defined scope and schedule. May assist with other administrative and technical duties.
We work under pressure and at a fast pace; We’re good at what we do
You can expect there to be pressure when you join us. You can expect a quick pace as well. They’re the conditions we work under and the way we’ve built our diverse and inclusive organization. They’ve made us good at what we do. If you’re good at what you do as well, let us hear from you.

Education and Experience:-
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (or related field) with 15+ years of related work experience in agricultural, more involved in plant growing for landscaping.
Provide a clear strategy to create nursery for landscaping and a looking forward a proper landscaping structure for the landscaping to survive on a long term.
Experience in set up food crops and food growing and production areas, and knows irrigation, plants. Preferably knowledge of Hydroponics.

Our Open Door Policy gives you direct access to key people
When you have an important issue or idea and you would like feedback even at a senior level, we support your access. We understand that you want to talk with a person who you think could be influential. We benefit because your feedback — and the feedback of every member of our diverse staff — helps us to overcome roadblocks to productivity and set good ideas in motion. Here, everyone is welcomed, and everyone has a voice. Join us.

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