Aircraft Performance Superintendent – Emirates Group , UAE

Job Purpose
To conduct aircraft performance analysis of all Emirates aircraft related to performance requirements such as take-off, en-route and landing performance. To undertake quality assurance of performance results to ensure safety requirements and regulatory compliance are met. Maintain and update performance analysis for all EK destination, alternates and, en-route airports including potential new company destinations. Support department in aircraft performance applications associated with Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).

Job Outline:
– Carry out independently take-off performance analysis using Boeing and Airbus specialised softwares (OPT and LPC-NG). Provide take-off performance analysis support for more than 800 airports.
– Act as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Electronic Flight Bag performance applications
– Perform Quality Assurance of all Aircraft Performance Outputs and Airport Databases. This includes both validation of new software releases from aircraft manufacturers as well as cross checking of Master Program Outputs against flight crew EFB outputs.
– Analyse Landing Performance for critical en-route/ diversion airports. Produce landing performance analysis to meet regulatory requirements.
– Carry out analysis of En-Route Performance involving Drift-down and De-pressurisation and check LIDO Flight Plan Drift-down and De-pressurisation output for accuracy.
– Manage the compilation, validation and maintenance of Airport and Terrain Databases used in LPC,OPT and other systems.
– Conduct Route Performance Analysis of current and future Emirates route network and use data analytics to optimise payload
– Manage the daily NOTAM process to ensure safety of operations by adhering to applicable NOTAMs, and identify where CONOTAMS are required to cover for any performance impact
Qualifications & Experience
12 Years schooling or equivalent

Experience in aviation, including in Flight Operations – 8+ Years
Knowlwdge/ Skills:
– Recognized aviation qualification preferred (eg. Air Traffic Controller, Flight Dispatcher,CPL etc).
– Aviation industry, including 5 years in Flight operations, involving sound aircraft performance experience.
– Extensive knowledge and experience in Aircraft Performance Methods & Analysis.
– Complete knowledge of ICAO Annex-6, GCAA CAR-OPS,EASA and FAA regulations
– Proficient with all aspects of Airbus and Boeing Performance applications such as OPT, LPC-NG, EPD, BCOP etc.
– Advanced knowledge of computer applications and data analytics.
– Leadership Role; No
– Safety Sensite Role; No

Salary & Benefits
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