Aircrew Training Advisor – BAE SYSTEM , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Role Description
To look after the best interests of the RSAF and provide advice and support to the RSAF on issues relating to aircrew training matters.
Activities Covered
The ATA is responsible to the Director of Aircrew Training for briefing and updating on all Fighter Operations and Aircrew Training matters associated with the RSAF. He will also give advice on the preparation and formulation of strategic Operations and Aircrew Training policy as it affects the requirements of the RSAF.
The ATA will be responsible for:
Providing strategic advice on Operational and Aircrew Training matters relating to the RSAF Fighter Ops/training.
Providing an interface between the RSAF, BAE Systems Project team and USMTM. In this position he will be required to provide detailed and strategic level advice and support that is consistent with the overall aims and objectives of the RSAF.
Perform analysis of statistical data to identify adverse trends and the corrective actions required on all RSAF aircraft types. (includes Transport, AWACS, and Helicopter operations). Use creative and innovative thinking to devise and/or evaluate methods for the solution of problems.
Provide RSAF with effective advice on all matters relating to all aircrew training.
Establish and maintain a close and effective working relationship with RSAF HQ Aircrew Training Directorate.
Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with RSAF HQ staff across all Directorates. Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with USMTM, MODSAP and BAE Systems staff who are involved with aircrew training.
Briefing, presenting reports to the RSAF with the aim of implementing practical, progressive and effective Operations and Aircrew Training for the RSAF.
Establishing, through regular and direct contact with all agencies an accurate knowledge of the strategic Operations and Aircrew Training requirements to support the RSAF.
Monitoring RSAF Operations and Aircrew Training programmes, and analysing all changes in strategic Operations and Aircrew Training policies and directives that affect the RSAF.
Assisting with the staffing of all correspondence and policy papers relating to Operations and Aircrew Training matters.
The ATA will also be required to take responsibility for the following general accountabilities:
To ensure that all his actions are conducted in accordance with the RSAF Operational Framework.
To take ownership of his personal and professional development.
To co-operate with Directors/Departmental Managers to achieve a healthy and safe workplace and to take reasonable care of themselves and others.
To provide advice in the best interest of the RSAF

Skills, Qualifications and Experience
Experience as a fast jet Instructor Pilot (IP) or Instructor Weapons System Officer (IWSO).
Previous first-hand experience in and all-around knowledge of military aircraft training and operational roles. This should include weapon capabilities, simulator operations, and training requirements.
Extensive experience in military aircraft operations and training environments.
A good knowledge of military, air operational procedures, strategies, and tactics preferably gained from previous military experience.
A good knowledge of military aircrew training processes preferably gained from practical experience at from more than one phase of aircrew training.
Experience and knowledge of RSAF practices and procedures preferably gained through at least three years involvement with programs in KSA.
A good understanding of commercial procedures and contractual terms and conditions.
A sound knowledge of programs (e.g. history, processes, politics, etc.) and of the RSAF, USMTM and MODSAP organization down to operating level.
An ability to communicate effectively with RSAF officers up to Major General Officer level.
Staff management experience ideally in a multi-functional environment. The job requires the individual to work at staff level within RSAF HQ. Therefore, a previous background as a Pilot in a military environment with experience at the Ministry of Defence is required.
Previous first-hand experience and good all-around awareness and knowledge of all aircrew training.
Must be able to communicate effectively with RSAF HQ personnel.
Must have excellent writing capabilities for support as directed by the Director of Aircrew Training.
Essential knowledge – Competent to an advanced level working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite 2010 particularly: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Must be able to work in a multi-functional environment across numerous organizational boundaries at various levels in order to provide properly considered advice.
Required to rationalise all program inputs and achieve customer co­operation and support to be successful

In return for the required high levels of commitment and hard work you will receive a competitive salary, rent free accommodation, food allowance and access to free recreation facilities, all available within Company secured accommodation. In addition, a generous leave and travel allowance makes this an opportunity not to be missed.
On successfully securing a role your appointment to Saudi Arabia will initially be on single status. On commencement of employment in Saudi Arabia you will have the opportunity to apply to have your family join you in the future. A full health care scheme is provided within Saudi Arabia.

In return for the required high levels of commitment and hard work you will receive a competitive salary and benefits package, including a generous leave and travel allowance, a full health care scheme and access to subsidised recreational facilities.
Grade: E4

BAE Systems
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