Assistant Instructor – Ajman University – Ajman – UAE

Job Summary
Responsible for performing teaching and teaching-related duties to assist instructors-of-record.
NOTE: All AI tasks are expected to be carried out under course instructors’ supervision. Responsibility for satisfactory completion of all course-related tasks remains with the instructor-of-record.

Key Tasks
Aiding with Class Activities:
Set up room/lab as needed
Attend classes with instructor as required
Tutor or mentor students.
Take attendance
Record attendance
Co-proctor examinations.
Facilitating Group Discussions and Team-based Learning:
Lead case analyses and other group discussions
Provide interim project feedback/support for student projects

Offering Technical Support:
Assist assigned instructors to develop course plans.
Assist assigned instructors with core teaching-related administrative tasks
Meet with students during office hours
Assist assigned instructors with compiling course files
Grade Student Work
Grade and return student assignments.
Grade formative exams under instructor supervision
Provide academic advising services to students as assigned by Head of Department
Carry out other tasks as assigned by the Office of the Dean

Print/grade final exams
Record grades in Moodle gradebooks
Prepare ICARs, CARs and similar course documents
Review/evaluate submitted course files
Supervise field trips without instructor presence

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