Bus Driver – NESMA , Saudi Arabia

Job Description
Short Description:
Responsible for transporting people from one station to another, Takes fares from passengers, issues receipts, announces routes, and ensures passengers get out safely.

Transport people from one station to another on a transit bus.
Operate bus by applying brakes, starting and stopping engine.
Drive regular routes on a schedule.
Announce next destinations.
Transport passengers on chartered trips or sightseeing tours.
Drive through traffic and obey traffic laws.
Deal with unruly passengers.
Collect fares and issue change.
Answer questions about schedules, routes, and transfer points.
Report accidents or other traffic disruptions to a central dispatcher, and follow directions when using an alternate route.
Assist disabled passengers.
Check the bus tires, lights, and oil and do other basic maintenance.
Follow state transit regulations.

Having excellent driving skills.
Having good knowledge about routes and geography.
Being polite and assertive.
Having knowledge about other languages for overseas travels.
Having high attention to details.
Having interpersonal abilities.
Being able to work under pressure.
Having knowledge about safety and health issues.
Being responsible and reliable.
Being able to drive skillfully.

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