CARDIOVASCUALR TECHNICIANS – New Mowasat Hospital , Kuwait

The Technician-Cardiology Conducts a variety of cardiovascular tests and procedures under the supervision of the Consultant Cardiologist. Deals with medical records associated with such tests and procedures in accordance with Ministry of Health regulations, Hospital Rules & Regulations and Internal Medicine Department Policy & Guidelines.

Operational Duties
1. Performs cardiovascular tests and procedures under the direct or remote supervision of cardiologist:
• Electrocardiogram (ECG), twelve or fewer leads
• Signal-Averaging ECG
• Holter Monitor Application
• Echocardiogram (resting)
2. Assists cardiologists with the performance of tests /procedures:
• ECG based stress testing
• Stress Echocardiography
• Chemical Stress Testing (if this test is available)
3. Explains procedures to patients and/or family prior to the start of the test/procedure to obtain cooperation and reduce anxiety
4. Prepares patients prior to testing, applies electrodes for ECG monitoring both in the cardiovascular testing laboratory as well as in inpatient rooms as directed by Cardiologists
5. Takes and monitors patients’ blood pressure, temperature and respirations before, during and after tests and procedures according to established policies & procedures or as directed by Cardiologists
6. Applies conductive gel to patients and manipulates transducers to obtain ultrasound images of the heart and its associated structures
7. Monitor patients’ comfort and safety during tests, alerting physicians to abnormalities or changes in patient responses
8. Observe gauges, recorder, and video screens of data analysis system during imaging of cardiovascular system
9. Records ultrasound images on video tape for review and reporting by Cardiologists
10. Generates printouts of electrophysiologic parameters elicited during tests & procedures and ensures their proper preservation and storage
11. Downloads data from holter monitors to a viewing/interpretation station as necessary in preparation for review and reporting by Cardiologists
12. Work closely with Registration staff to determine appointment days and times and to assure that tests & procedures are properly charged
Patient Care
13. Maintains a work environment that promotes high standards for patient care and ethical behavior.
14. Participates in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating patient care needs
15. Follows and applies all instructions as directed by the Consultant or Head of Department regarding patient management and care
16. Participates in decision-making related to patient care with other department staff where required
General Duties
17. Prepares and maintains a syllabus for training of nurses in the correct performance of standard 12-lead ( or fewer) ECGs
18. Instructs nurses in the correct performance of resting ECGs and monitors their competence with regard to ECG performance on a periodic basis
19. Prepares a syllabus and instructs Emergency Room and ICU/CCU nurses in the recognition of cardiac arrhythmias and other cardiac emergency situations
20. Checks, tests, and maintains cardiology equipment, making minor repairs when necessary, to ensure proper operation
21. Prepares and completes necessary documentation on hard copy and on-line of the results of tests and procedures
22. Attends regularly scheduled meeting for the improvement of patient care services and delivery
23. Maintains a working environment that promotes high standards for patient care, customer service, and ethical behavior and ensures safety of patients and staff
24. Performs all other additional assignments as requested by the Consultant Cardiologist, Department Head or Medical Director

Visiting & NMH Doctors/Physicians
Heads of Departments
. Nursing/Reception Staff
Patients and their Relatives & Friends
Business Representatives / Professional Agencies
General Public

Education : Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science area with completion of an accredited course of study in echocardiography and ECG testing.Licensing: Valid License from Ministry of Health-Kuwait to practice as Cardiology Technician
Experience : Preferably 2 years of experience in a cardiology clinic or a hospital as a cardiovascular technician or echocardiographer
OTHER SKILLS: Technical: Proficiency in handling cardiac testing and support equipment. Knowledge of principles & methods for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction. Knowledge of quality control methods and statistics.
Management Skills: Good Analytical Judgment and Problem Solving skills; Deductive and Inductive Reasoning skills with Attention to Detail.
Soft Skills: Excellent Communication and Inter-Personal skills
Computer Skills: MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), Internet and Hospital MIS
Language Skills: Good in written and spoken English, Arabic is an advantage

Works primarily in the hospital environment such as the ICU, operating room, and outpatient clinics, while exposed to infections from contact, airborne, blood and body fluid and patient elements
Subject to unpredictable or crisis situations
Prolonged standing and occasional stooping/kneeling may be required to perform job duties.

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