Contract Specialist – Qatargas , Qatar

Job Purpose
Indentifies and upholds LNG sales contracting standardisation and improvements, and the identification, coordination and delivery of Commercial & Shipping (C&S) Group’s integration synergies or other business optimisations to enhance company value.
Job Context & Major Challenge(s) – I
Scope of operation is a multi-venture / multi-stakeholder environment where ventures are financially independent but have common operations and facilities under QG. QG sells over 1000 LNG cargoes per year through 250+ long and short-term agreements with extremely varied and complex provisions and structures.
The LNG market is a lot more complex and dynamic than envisaged when the Qatargas LNG ventures were established. New structures and terms regularly emerge in sales opportunities with regards to purchase arrangements; investment; optionality and pricing of the LNG – requiring ongoing review to balance QG value / strategic aims with maintaining competitiveness in the global market.
Increased competition in the LNG market means business activity is commonly performed under significant time pressures in order to maintain deal negotiation and cargo delivery timelines.
QG integrated 5 new LNG/sales-gas ventures from the former RasGas operating company in 2018 under a tight timeline from shareholders leaving significant scope for C&S business harmonisation / optimisation for several years to come.
C&S has been tasked with delivering around $1 Billion of synergy revenue and savings by IMO / Shareholders over the next few years. The associated initiatives are inter-functional, complex and require an advanced understanding of the commercial and operational aspects of the LNG supply chain. Shareholder priority leads to output and decision making being directly reviewed by senior management and shareholders.

Key Job Accountabilities – I
Maintain LNG sales contracting standards for the Long and Short Term Sales Marketing through analysing, developing and logging exceptions and recommending acceptable alternatives as well as proposing updates to standards in order to manage risks and maximise QG value.
Check all new LNG sales agreements are commercially operable and reviewed during their development to support their efficient implementation and reduce contractual, operational, financial and reputational risks.
Verify the methodology and advises on energy calculations and hence quantities sold for all LNG contracts delivered by the Company to protect financial performance and sales integrity.
Represents the Company in support of Marketing Long-term or Short-term Sales with LNG customers through effective contractual interpretation and negotiation.
Drive the development, improvement, delivery and tracking of identified/assigned C&S synergies and optimisations as well as proposes new ones to support C&S revenue and savings targets.

Key Job Accountabilities – II
Provide direct working specialist technical or coordination support to synergy/optimisation initiatives being carried out by the various C&S functions as required.
Apply and maintain stewardship and reporting system in coordination with EEBE and Finance to report process efficiency realisations to C&S Management and QG corporate functions.
Analyse industry trends and developments versus C&S business processes to develop standardisation and best practice recommendations.
Perform review and analysis of C&S business processes to promote and drive the implementation of standardisation; efficiency / systemisation and alignment with industry best practice.

Bachelor degree in Engineering, Sciences, Economics or Business Administration or similar degree.
Knowledge and/or Experience – I
12 years of LNG sales contract development or management experience in the oil and gas industry
Knowledge of the LNG industry and all commercial and shipping functions essential.
Experience of reviewing and/or negotiating LNG agreements essential.
Experience in corporate governance and business controls.

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