Director General: Chief Administration Officer -Islamic Development Bank , Suadi Arabia

Job Purpose:
The purpose of this role is to steer and oversee all organizational activities of the Administration Directorate.
• Cultivate creative leaders who can more nimbly lead in complex and global environments.
• Build the quality and depth of talent, including a focus on succession and leadership/employee development.
• Manage organizational capabilities includes dealing with rapid changes in technology, globalization, and the increasingly
complex external context.
• Mobilize for greater speed and flexibility producing significantly greater capability to adjust underlying costs and faster
ways to allocate shared business services.
• Determine the strategy for the directorate, set and deliver ambitious objectives that enable IsDB to achieve its goals,
and take the significant operational decisions.

The role includes:
• Assist the Bank in fulfilling its mandate by ensuring the provision of required corporate service support for the bank and
its personnel.
• Provide institutional leadership on issues governing Administrative Affairs, Human Resources, Information Management
and Disruptive Technology, Government Relations, and Health.
• Implement IsDB’s strategy related to Admin Affairs, Human Resources, Information Technology, Government Relations,
and Health and bringing it in line with the operational strategy of the bank.
• Contribute to the development of the Knowledge Management in areas related to Administrative services, including the
development of best practices.
• To provide administrative services in an efficient manner with due attention paid to the quality of services and maintaining
high levels of staff capabilities, morale and productivity required to meet organizational needs efficiently.

Key Accountabilities:
Contributes to the development and maintenance of Administration Directorate policies, Procedures, Guidelines, and all related documents in
close collaboration with business departments; and ensures they can be easily accessed and retrieved.
Ensures that Directorate related processes are continuously improved to certify that Administration services are delivered timely, accurately, and continuously.
Strengthen the automation of Administration services and operational activities to empower the implementation of the governing policies and
procedures in an effective manner and support data gathering and performance monitoring of various activities.
Overseas benchmarking of Administration Directorate services against comparable services with best practices and best in class organizations
including benchmarking on cost, efficiency, effectiveness, service levels and products.
Ensures that all the services are provided effectively, aligned with best practices and guidelines, and utilized in an efficient and cost-effective
manner to support the business needs.
Oversees development of a mechanism to gather feedback and measure effectiveness of the provision of administrative services to other IsDB
Organization Units and ensures that actions stated to rectify the deviations in performance are implemented effectively.
Overseas development of policies and procedures and monitors performance
for outsourced services
Human Resources Management
Oversees development and implementation of the People Strategy, the Human Resources Strategy, and related policies/ plans to promote IsDB as an attractive place to work and to retain staff for satisfying its business needs.
Participates in the annual review of IsDB’s business plans during the budget process to assure that the staffing plans and budget requests of the individual units are consistent with the Human Resources Strategy.
Provides advice, consultation and guidance on human resources matters to IsDB business units on the design, development, and implementation of talent attraction, and on the development and retention programs to support IsDB’s vision and business objectives.
Overseas preparation and implementation of workforce planning, workload assessment and recruitment programs in close consultation with other units, ensuring that the staffing needs of the organization are being met in a cost effective manner.
Oversees job analysis and profiling, competency frameworks and models, job enrichment/enlargement and job evaluations to continuously align jobs with IsDB’s strategic goals.
Oversees talent acquisition through effective sourcing, recruitment, selection and on-boarding strategies to fill regular, fixed-term and temporary positions in the bank.
Overseas development and implementation of the policy framework and standards for internal staff recruitment and redeployment system, ensuring that the mechanism is transparent, credible, and competitive with similar organizations and relevant markets.
Oversees design and implementation of effective talent management programs that enhance organizational capabilities by consistently supplying high performance and high potential talent to meet the bank’s human capital needs.
Overseas design and implementation of a high-impact talent review and succession planning program to proactively identify readiness of talent for key positions and develop strategies to address any future talent gaps.
Oversees design and development of IsDB competency framework and models to support recruitment, performance management, and the
development/retention of staff with appropriate knowledge, skills, and attributes.
Overseas design, development, and implementation of staff performance management system to assure staff objectives are aligned with organizational objectives and to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to continuously improve staff performance.
Overseas the Young Professionals Program (YPP) as IsDB’s strategic pipeline for the sourcing of professional and leadership talent.
Overseas the design and administration of a credible and comprehensive compensation and benefits program to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace (both in domestic and international markets), consistency with IsDB strategy and objectives, and equity/fairness among employees for staff in IsDB-HQ and sub-regional hubs.
Oversees the payroll functions by authorizing and administering the payment of salaries and other compensation/benefits to bank staff and retirees.
Promotes employee relations through communication and programs, including staff opinion surveys, consultation with the Ombudsman/Integrity & Ethics Office, and by providing facilities to the Appeals Committee for conflict resolution.
Overseas employee rewards and recognition programs to identify and reward staff for outstanding achievements and adherence to IsDB values/cultural traits.
Ensure appropriate measures and actions taken for continuous and developed performance of the pension fund
Evaluates the effectiveness of the human resources delivery model and proposes changes to it accordingly to effectively support IsDB’s strategy and business objectives.
Promotes the IsDB employment brand and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) through effective communication and presentation on the IsDB career portal, social media, and human resources publications.
Encourages the participation at external forums to present IsDB as an open and attractive place to work.
Establishes sound assessment practices by deploying well recognized cognitive, personality and behavioral assessments tools to support effective talent acquisition, skill development and succession of staff within the bank.
Monitors and follows-up on the effectiveness, sensitivity, and confidentiality of channel for employee complaints and directs them to the relevant authority
– Ombudsman/ Integrity & Ethics Office/ Office of the President – for
Administrative Services
Ensures that all organizational groups at IsDB are equipped with a level of administrative services appropriate to their business requirements and level of support through a mutually agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Oversees the development of a procurement strategy, policies, procedures, standards, and specifications for the procurement of goods and services related to “Corporate Procurement”.
Oversees the development and implementation of travel policy and procedures for staff travelling on official business and home leave related
Takes full responsibility for the security and safety of IsDB facilities, as well as of all staff (and their dependents) at headquarters, regional hubs, and during travel.
Directs the management of facilities, office space, printing and graphics, mail and telecommunication, protocol, and interpretation services in a reliable and cost-effective manner.
Manages vendor selection and outsourcing options and monitors their performance to meet IsDB business/clients’ needs, client expectations, on time and on budget.
Information Technology and Management

Assists the business units across the IsDB in developing and maintaining appropriate technologies and systems consistent with their mission and business needs.
Advises on IT related activities, programs, procurement, and investments.
Ensures integrity, consistency, and optimal operation of information systems and services, IT infrastructure, equipment and solutions sourced to meet the business needs.
Recommends and manages enhancements on IT infrastructure and solutions in timely and cost-effective manner.
Ensures business continuity by implementing highly available systems and devising appropriate back-up and disaster recovery mechanisms with the aim of providing maximum availability of IT services and recovery from IT
Supervises design and management of security policy to ensure total security for information technology systems.
Ensures development of plan for risk mitigation and emergencies (e.g., system back-ups, redundant connections, etc.).
Promotes effective synergies, networking, and internal communication strategies within the IsDB IT network and systems users and other
stakeholders and initiates new ways for raising the profile, influence, and
impact of IT department.
Ensures the Information Management and Disruptive Technology department be the focal point of contact for Information and Communication Technology matters to Community of Practice, member countries, and other interested institutions and groups.
Identifies, recommends, and implements sponsorship of local, sub-regional, and regional training workshops and seminars to increase the sharing of experience and knowledge between MDBs and other institutions in the ICT.
Represents the Bank in global events such as consultation meetings and conferences and participate in the relevant roundtable meetings.
Builds and develops productive inter-departmental working relationships within IsDB and with external partners for joint working and knowledge sharing.
Oversees the formulation and development of the records and information management policies and procedures
Government Relations
Ensure continuous, efficient, and developed communication with the host country authorities including but not limited to: Ministry of Foreign affairs, ministry of interior, etc…
Ensure that host country regulations and rules (Existing and new) are followed and timely communicated with IsDB management and staff for
action and compliance
Develop agreements with the host country authorities that will facilitate IsDB compliance with the rules and regulations and will support IsDB in delivering its operations efficiently
Oversee the efficiency of the government relations activities
Health Services
Ensures that all organizational groups at IsDB are equipped with a level of Health Services appropriate to their employees and level of support through a mutually agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Oversees the development and implementation of health policy.
Oversees the development and implementation of health awareness programs.
Takes full responsibility for IsDB clinic, and ensure it has skillful team, adequate equipment, world class services.
Ensure Medical Providers selection is performed considering finest and wide range of medical services to IsDB employees at affordable cost.
Leadership, People, and organization development
Provides leadership for Administrative Services, Human Resources Management, Information Management and Disruptive Technology
departments and Health Services unit.
Ensure all the directorate organization units complies with the set strategies, Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.
Ensures adherence of function and employees to IsDB’s legal and compliance guidelines.
Recommends additions/adaptations of existing legal and compliance guidelines, where applicable.
Raises relevant requests for additional resources, guidance, conflicts, and concerns in a timely and efficient manner.
Derives goals for CAO Directorate from IsDB’s strategy.
Develops individual targets based on IsDB strategy & management target sincluding setting yearly and quarterly targets for sub-directorate.
Conducts performance evaluations of direct reports.
Coaches, mentors, and develops the direct reports and the top talent/highpotential staff.
Monitors and assesses the skills and capabilities of the directorate, and determines the actions needed to increase the directorate’s impact.
Resolves conflicts and mediate disputes at sub-directorate level.
Provides motivational and inspirational leadership for the sub-directorate units and communicates to direct reports clear performance expectations.
Manages the performance and resources of the sub-directorate units through delegation of responsibility, setting stretch objectives and providing regular feedback on results at a sub-directorate units level, promptly addressing areas of underperformance.
Acts as a role-model to communicate to the sub-directorate units’ staff IsDB’s values and leadership competencies; provides direction and support in times of change.
Create a work environment which ensures continuous learning and staff encouragement to suggest, participate and contribute to initiatives of
improvement, innovation, and knowledge sharing.
Create an environment that promotes responsibility and accountability and positive morale.
Defines clear roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities, along with matching authorities, to provide a structure that would strengthen accountabilities at all levels of the directorate.
Communicates intended results, results achieved, performance, and lessons learnt within the directorate as well as to the Management, partners, and other key stakeholders.
Ensures that Directorate’s development plans, programs and budget requirements are in line with IsDB’s requirements and priorities
Sets yearly and quarterly targets for sub-complexes.
Develops Directors and Division Managers of sub-directorate units and guide them in management of their functions.
Supports filling in key capability gaps of teams through capacity development and recruiting efforts.
Oversee the actions and activities related to Business Continuity and equip the directorate with adequate and agile policies, processes, physical
equipment, non-physical tools to serve IsDB facilities, services, and staff during crises.
Strategic planning and Performance Management

Steer the formulation and development of CAO directorate strategy and work program
Steer the formulation and development of key results targets and performance indicators (KPIs)
Oversee implementation of CAO directorate strategy, operational plan, and work program
Sets and oversee the objectives for units managed by CAO in order to enable IsDB to achieve its Building Organizational Capabilities goals
Development of IsDB’s Building Organizational Capabilities strategy to achieve to achieve IsDB strategy and President Program
Reports to the President on progress and achievements of the directorate in a timely and efficient manner
Raises relevant requests for additional resources, guidance, conflicts, and concerns in a timely and efficient manner

Job Requirements:
Academic qualifications:
Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Information Technology, Human Resources Management, Engineering or any
other related discipline.
Minimum 13 years of prior relevant experience, preferably in the international/ multilateral development sector, handling multidiscipline
Minimum 10 years of managerial experience.
English (mandatory)
Arabic (mandatory)
French (Preferred)

Skills and Necessary Knowledge:
Experience in a senior management position.
Experience working for international/regional, bilateral/multilateral organizations.
Experience in Administration Services
Experience in Human Resources Management
Experience in Management of Information Technology
Knowledge of best practices in the related areas
Communication effectiveness

Relationships management
Corporate governance
Negotiation skills
Ability to Inspire confidence and create trust
Ability to understand new issues quickly and make optimal and timely decisions
Ability to plans and prioritize tasks effectively.
Knowledge of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow management and general finance and budgeting
Consistently works to a high standard and looks for ways to improve current working practices and processes

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