FLEET SUPERVISOR – Nesma , Saudi Arabia

Job Description
Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all vehicles and equipment assigned to departments, divisions and projects.
Implements and monitors a preventative maintenance program to assure cost effective maintenance and a scheduled maintenance program to provide maintenance by manufacturers specifications.
Maintains a complete assets & inventory system through recording of all expenditures of each vehicle, maintenance equipment, fuel, repair parts, supplies, etc.
Monitors user departments by analysis of vehicle and equipment utilization and evaluation of equipment specifications.
Implements and maintains a mechanic training and certification program to provide needed technical skills for mechanics in repair of automobiles and heavy equipment.
Enforces each city safety practices and procedures and ensures employees receive appropriate safety training.
Supervises all Fleet Services employees; trains, evaluates and disciplines employees.
Assists in the development of the Fleet Services budget to include a review of past year expenses; adjusts and administers all Fleet Service purchases, including parts, tools, office supplies.
Assists departments and projects with the development of specifications for vehicles and equipment to be used by the Company; arranges for the purchase and delivery of vehicles and equipment to all departments and projects; insures that all vehicles and equipment purchased are licensed and registered as required by KSA Law.
Welds; replaces parts; repairs parts; repairs electrical systems; diagnoses vehicles for minor body and fender work; performs tune ups and engine overhauls; troubleshoots problems when needed.
Examines reports for accuracy on each vehicle and piece of equipment repaired; writes reports on vehicles and equipment repaired. Makes monthly report to the Administration Supervisor all vehicles & equipment inspections.
Keeps maintenance and repair records; performs preventive maintenance on all departmental/project vehicles; orders repair parts.
Checks all repair work performed in shop for completeness. This includes physical inspections and road tests before vehicle is turned back to user departments/projects.
Serves as a member of the Company who is responsible for setting policies for Company vehicles and reviews department vehicle requests.
Performs related duties as required by his immediate Supervisor.

Assets & Inventory Management

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