Integrated Planning Specialist – Brunel , Qatar , Doha

About this role: Integrated Planning Specialist
1. Coordinates and reviews multidisciplinary team inputs to various project documents (like) Conceptual Development Plan (CDP), Project Objectives & Strategy (POS), Early Project Execution Plan (EPEP), Project Execution Plan (PEP), Project Development Memorandum (PDM), and Design Basis Memorandum (DBM)) for consistent and efficient Subsurface project planning and execution; and in accordance with COMPANY business procedures and practices.2. Manages/reviews/revises various procedures and documents owned by the Department,Technical Service Agreement (creation/revision), Conceptual development Plan (Well Planning Process Gate 0), Capex Stewardship process, Interface Agreements, RACI, Project Management of Change (PMOC), Construction / Environment Permits, Permitting Activities Plan, etc…3. Stewards Well Planning Process; leads the interface between Subsurface and COMPANYPMS. Coordinates with other subsurface departments for development of project scopes through consultation, evaluation of synergies, resources, capabilities to meet Shareholders’ objectives and expectation.4. Supports the Head of planning & Governance in facilitating management’s decision-making process through scenario planning, sensitivity analysis for the various development options,preparation of screening costs, cost- benefit analysis. Develops the detailed techno commercial assumptions / scope documents for various options to facilitate economic evaluation for investment decisions. Explores further optimization opportunities to the base development plans.5. Coordinates Subsurface Capex Work Program & Budget (WP&B) preparations: a. develops integrated subsurface technical & commercial assumptions documents to form the basis of WP&B. b. interacts with other departments in COMPANY to ensure consistency of development

assumptions, generates expenditure profiles c. gains the necessary Subsurface Group alignments, coordinates with Finance and Subsurface Business Departments through department Focal Persons, and d. meets the submission quality, timelines, and material.
6. Develops and maintains cost/planning models (usually Excel files) to generate the expected scheduling, costing, budgeting, monitoring, and reporting of projects activities.7. Develops key project assumptions and aligns with Subsurface departments on the submissions to the shareholder(s) for funding / budget authorizations for projects.8. Participates / provides inputs to high level materials for various technical and management committees (e.g., Board, MLT, TechCom, ExCom, benchmarking, etc…) addressing various subsurface activities, the challenges, success / failure in meeting the objectives and establishing the way forward.
9. Prepares/supervises cost estimates at various stages of project (screening level, Final Investment Decision level etc.), conducts sensitivity analysis, and obtains funding approval

What you need to bring:
8 years of experience in oil and gas industry with broad experience and technical knowledge gained while working in Subsurface related engineering roles.
Demonstrated experience in field development projects planning, scheduling, upstream cost estimating, execution and project controls with a minimum of 5 years in major Drilling &Completion capital projects.
Demonstrated experience in Subsurface Brownfield Project execution and specific vulnerabilities associated with Cost and Schedule drivers.
Demonstrated Offshore working experience

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