Nuclear Oversight Director – Nawah Energy , Abu Dhabi, UAE

Job Description
Direct the Nawah NOS Function, including Employee Concerns Program (ECP) and International Programs, by establishing requirements and assigning responsibilities to support Nawah in the preparations and conduct of independent performance assessments to ensure the successful start-up and operation of BNPP in compliance with management expectations, regulatory requirements and best industry standards. Manage the establishment and maintenance of the Employee Concerns Program that supports a Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE). Oversee the management of relationships and interface with World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) other external national and international nuclear and industrial organizations.

Independent Nuclear Oversight
Oversee independent performance assessments of nuclear operators, including planning and directing organizational activities related to those assessments and reporting results to Nawah Management to ensure compliance.
Employee Concerns Program (ECP) Management
Oversee the ECP for both the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and Nawah to support a Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE) and enable all employees to raise nuclear safety and quality concerns in the workplace anonymously or publicly.
Direct and oversee the development and implementation of long-term goals and objectives to achieve the successful outcome of the ECP and SCWE program.
Oversee planning of the delivery of the overall ECP & SCWE program and its activities in accordance with the mission and the goals of the organization to ensure alignment.
Verify that the ECP documentations are properly preserved, and confidentiality maintained as appropriate to ensure compliance.
Direct and oversee implementation of effective and efficient ECP initiatives and programs that contribute to achieving high operating standards.
Oversee management of ECP activities to ensure intake of employee concerns are processed per ECP procedures and investigated in a thorough, timely, and professional manner.
Oversee ECP formal investigations per ECP procedures, develop conclusions and provide briefings and written reports to Nuclear Oversight Director to align with requirements.
International Programs
Oversee and recommend the selection of future Nawah nominated employees who will be seconded to WANO in the future to ensure appropriate selection.
Oversee Emirati Nawah employees currently seconded to the WANO Loaned Employee Program to ensure alignment, and direct the placement of seconded employees upon their return to Barakah to ensure appropriate development.
Oversee Assigned Point of Contact (APOC) responsibilities for WANO, IAEA, and other External International Organizations to ensure timely response to requests and other correspondence.
External Organization Engagement
Oversee the facilitation of cross-functional preparations across organizational boundaries thereby ensuring successful Pre-Startup and Peer Reviews.
Ensure the development of WANO Technical Support Mission Requests For Information (RFI) to support the current business needs.
Ensure recommendations from IAEA and WANO Missions, including WANO Pre-Startup Performance Objective and Criteria, are managed effectively through the line organizations.
Provide Nawah with international standards and best practices such that safe, reliable generation can be maintained.
Facilitate the coordination with the Pre-Startup Review (PSUR) Project Manager to determine readiness state of the plant to support the Pre- Pre-Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) Missions.
Verify the engagement of WANO, Institute of Nuclear Power Operators (INPO) and other external international organizations to ensure alignment is maintained across all external stakeholders.
Oversee UAE National INPO Liaison Engineers to ensure development plans are in alignment with program goals and objectives.
Corporate Strategy and Operational Planning
Develop and execute the Division’s annual Business Plan to ensure alignment with the Business Unit’s strategic and financial priorities, and the corporate goals.
Recommend an optimum organization structure, manpower plan and budget for the Division and monitor them on a regular basis to ensure efficient and effective utilization of resources.
Contribute ideas which support an efficient and effective structure and resource allocation for the Division, to ensure smooth workflow of operational processes and optimal utilization of resources.
Provide input into the development of the Business Unit’s policies and develop the Division’s systems, processes and procedures, identifying potential areas of improvement to ensure efficient, effective, safe and risk-free operations as well as compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements.
Monitor, control and report Operational and financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to the Division, to track performance and recommend corrective or mitigating actions.
Ensure that all relative reports are prepared timely and accurately, and meet the Division’s requirements, policies and standards.

Health and Safety and Security
Ensure compliance to all relevant health, safety and environmental management policies, procedures and controls across the Division/Department/Section by the delivery of the Health and Safety Management Program to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality services and a responsible environmental attitude.
Follow all relevant Security policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure security compliance in all aspects of work, by applying them on self, others and Corporate assets.
Ensure compliance with corporate requirements for adherence to policies, procedures and instructions related to Crisis Management and Business Continuity in order to continue mission critical activities.
People Management
Manage the effective achievement of the Organization’s objectives by setting individual targets, developing and motivating staff, and providing formal and informal constructive feedback and appraisal – in order to maximize subordinate and department performance.
Contribute to the development of UAE National employees in a manner which supports the objectives of the corporation and its Emiratization strategy.
Contribute to knowledge dissemination/sharing in a way that assists with building internal capabilities of UAE Nationals where applicable and maximize their effective performance.

Minimum Experience
Bachelor’s Degree in a Technical Field.
12 years of relevant experience, out of which:
4 years in a Managerial role.

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