Part-time Table Tennis Coach – Ajman University – Ajman – UAE

A Table Tennis Coach instructs players at practice and during games. She is also responsible for designing plays and strategies for the team.

Leadership skills and ability to influence the team.
Knowledge of sport type.
Knows and understands the Table Tennis league rule book and any changes that are made.
Studies the skills and abilities of the players on the team and put each player in the most suitable position.
Recognizes and uses each player’s specific talents to devise plays and playing strategies for games.
Studies the abilities of the players on opposing teams as well as their coach’s strategies.
Knows how many timeouts are left in each game and makes the best use of them.
Keeps up with the score throughout the game.
Devises drills and practice exercises that will adequately prepare players for each game.
Watches films of past games to identify playing and coaching mistakes and avoid them in the future.
Teaches players the rules of the game and how to avoid making fouls that result in penalties.
Works with individual players to hone their particular skills and eliminate bad habits.
Completes any paperwork required for the job, especially in a public University setting.
Help build the skill level of the team.
Looks for new players and recruits them for the team.
Participates in friendly games & competitions that will enhance the team.
Competence to improve players’ performance.
Sets training plan for developing players.
Observe security and safety factors.
Participating in sports tournaments.
Put the plan to get a high ranking in championships.
Promoting sportsmanship, enhancing team spirit, and best representing AU.
Time management and good planning.
Co-organizing sports competitions and events.
Good selection of sports and training equipment and communicating correct data.
Maintaining sports equipment and facilities.
Escort the team to the venue of the tournament, friendly games, and competitions. And make sure they are safe.

Degree in physical education, exercise science, or similar major.
Have experience playing on a Table Tennis team.
Have past experience as a Table Tennis coach or as an assistant Table Tennis coach.

Ability to react calmly and efficiently in emergencies.
Skill in the application as a coach.
The ability to stand, walk back and forth on the Table Tennis court and even run up and down the court is required
Ability to prepare routine administrative paperwork.
Ability to follow routine verbal and written instructions.
Knowledge of customer service standards and procedures.
Understand the fundamentals of the game of Table Tennis.
The coach should be in good physical condition.
Have the ability to motivate players to reach their potential.
Must have exceptional leadership skills.
Have the ability to make quick decisions under pressure.
Be able to effectively handle stress and keep the temper in check.
Have the ability to notice small details.
Excellent communication and organization skills.
Must have basic proficiency in English and Arabic.
Commitment to AU instructions and regulations in general.
Ability to solve problems.
Flexibility and adaptability.

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