Public Affairs Specialist – Vectrus , Qatar

Job Description
Performs the duties to successfully manage the CAS Public Affairs program, under the general guidance of the
appointed USG Public Affairs Officer who will also serve as the Functional COR.

1. Supports the Commanders intent in accordance with AR 360‐1, The Army Public Affairs Program and
DA Pam 360‐3 Army Hometown News Program.
2. All media content to be published will receive the approval of the Public Affairs Officer who will
coordinate for guidance through the USARCENT PAO and the S2 for OPSEC.
3. Participates in and assists with the supervision of the administration of Army Public Affairs programs, primarily
through writing and photographing the Army’s activities, for use in the internal and external news media.
4. Responsible to maintain consistent communication with USARCENT PAO in order to account for changes in
directives, plans and or guidance’s.
5. Complete and maintain a digital public affairs continuity and campaign plan which accounts for the upcoming 2
years of activities in order to detail all resources, systems/processes and reoccurring events that are used within
public affairs campaign.
6. This plan is to be presented quarterly to the Public Affairs Officer and the S3 for their insight
and ultimate approval. Once approved, the plan will also be submitted to USARCENT PAO for their oversight.
7. All approved scheduled events to be covered are to be synchronized with the S3 for inclusion in their calendar
and, if applicable, their orders process.
8. Researches, prepares and disseminates news releases on personnel and activities.
9. Assists in Public Affair programs and activities, community relations programs (in conjunction with the S5),
observance of all official holidays (both US and Host Nation) and installation ceremonies and events as required by
the Public Affairs Officer.
10. Publishes media to include video and still photography to support the above listed installation events.
11. Print Installation wide informational requirements such as banners, printed media support and posters in
conjunction with the photo lab office.
12. Manages the Army Hometown News Program in conjunction with the S1.
13. Primary administrative curator of training, exercises, activities, events, promotions, and awards to
submit to both Center for Army Lessons Learned, the Army Historical Program and the annual USARCENT Historical
14. Lead Coordinator to compile the USARCENT Historical Report which is to be delivered yearly in accordance with
USARCENT requirements.
15. Document visits by general officers, congressional delegations and host nation dignitaries, and other visitors via applicable media mediums.
16. Manages the Commander’s Access Channel (CAS) Television, ensuring to develop a support system that enablesthe unit to consistently have access to update the channel in case of the Public Affairs Administrators absence.
17. Maintain emphasis on providing solutions/improvements to the systems and operations that are part of the CAS
TV and other public affairs efforts.
18. Supports the coordination of all media visits to Camp As Sayliyah under the guidance of the Public
Affairs Officer.
19. Interfaces and coordinates with DOS and DOD PAO activity in the state of Qatar.
20. Coordinates town hall meetings to gather information about the public concern at Camp As Sayliyah, and
summarize this information and report back to operational staff to help make a project or program recommendation.
All notes and minutes recorded will be aggregated and included in the above mentioned public affairs
campaign/continuity plan in addition to being uploaded to a digital medium that is accessible to all stakeh older
parties at CAS.
21. Manages and updates the Public Affairs intranet pages in coordination with the Share Point
22. Manages and updates the Public Affairs media presences which include any digital publication and
social media pages among others.

1. Incumbents must demonstrate a high degree of English comprehension, including speaking, understanding,
reading, writing, and typing
2. Must be proficient producing well written documents and articles
3. Proficient in the use of DLR camera, video recording and computerized media
4. Must be proficient in using commercial audio‐visual programs, Microsoft Office, and Adobe software.
5. DINFOS graduates preferred

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