Radiological Protection Scientist – BEA SYSTEM , Saudi Arabia

Your Main Responsibilities
Line management supervision of the Radiation and Occupational Health and Safety Section, comprising the RPSci, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist (OHSS) and the Radiation Protection Specialist (RPS). Determination of equipment requirements for this section.
Technical authority for the Royal Saudi Air Force (and other armed forces as required) on radiation protection matters (ionising radiation – x-rays etc, non-ionising radiation – radars etc, and lasers), including authorship of policy documents, codes of practice, etc.
Scheduling, planning, and performance of annual base survey visits to all the main RSAF bases, and other locations requested (7-10 per year). These visits are usually conducted together with the OHSS, and include all technical areas of the bases, but specifically NDI (Non Destructive Inspection sections, Metrology and Calibration (MetCal), radar installations and maintenance areas, laser maintenance areas, and bombing ranges where laser rangefinders are used). Reports are written or approved by RPSci and issued following these visits, and include safety certification of the radiography facilities at each base. They must be in a form that can be understood by the customer, and are issued under the authority of the Director, AFAMC.
Provision of the Armed Forces Aeromedical Centre dosimetry service. About 180 radiation badges are issued on a quarterly basis to NDI sections, MetCal, Protection from Weapons of Mass Destruction (PWMD) squadrons, and F-15 PDM. Dosimetry results are processed with spreadsheet use and results stored in an Access database. Summaries are sent to the users.
Training/teaching presentations as required on radiation safety. These have been delivered occasionally to Base Safety, TSI, PWMD, MetCal, Flight Surgeon and Aircrew training courses.
General support activities for AFAMC, SAMS and contractor staff including: processing company paperwork regarding visits etc, delegating for SAMS at company management meetings and briefings where required. Assisting with other duties directed by the Director AFAMC or SAMS in support of SBDCP and SDT operations.

Your Skills & Qualifications
Degree or Diploma in a relevant subject (eg Physics, Medical Physics, Nuclear Engineering etc)
Minimum of five years’ experience working in Radiation Protection
Postgraduate/Professional qualification in Radiation Protection
Competence in use of monitoring equipment such as radiation survey meters, personal electronic dosemeters, radiation badge processing systems
Postgraduate/Professional qualification in Radiation Protection from country of origin
Competent user of PC based IT utilities eg Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access
Membership of a recognized professional body (eg Society for Radiation Protection)
Postgraduate degree in a relevant subject
Currency in domestic, EU, and worldwide radiation protection legislation and standards
Experience of achieving best practice in non-enforcement role
Experience and knowledge of working with a major user of ionizing radiation
Experience and knowledge of working in a supervisory role
Ability to design and conduct audits or technical surveys

Saudi National Employee Benefits
In return for the required high levels of commitment and hard work you will receive the following package, which makes this an opportunity not to be missed
A competitive basic salary
Generous leave
Living allowance
Transport allowance
TAWUNIYA health care scheme for Employees and immediate family
Discounted TAWUNIYA health care scheme for Employees Parents
Access to discounted gym membership

BAE Systems
BAE Systems has a heritage of commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For 50 years, we have provided the platforms and services that support the Saudi armed forces to defend the interests of the Kingdom. In support of the Saudi Arabia National Objectives, we’ve invested heavily in the development of Saudi people, technology, infrastructure and local companies in the defence supply chain. Our investments have helped to develop the Saudi defence industry as well as developing a skilled and highly productive workforce.
Inspiring Work, Inspiring People
All appointments in Saudi Arabia are subject to receipt of all necessary Government and/or Customer approvals. If you are Ex-military, you MUST submit your end of service certificate with your application. We aim to complete the assessment and selection process within 3 weeks from closing date.

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