Senior Associate, Corporate Equity – Islamic Development Bank , Saudi Arabia

Role Purpose:
Coordinate and carry out full cycle for equity investment transactions including origination, evaluation, structuring, execution and monitoring.

Key Functional Accountabilities and Activities:
Project Sourcing & Origination:
▪ Based on ICD’s strategic direction, the Officer to identify and introduce new markets within ICD’s member countries and/or client base by capitalizing on new/existing channels to identify suitable opportunities in the market for equity investments
▪ Maintain the relationships with stakeholders in order to develop client origination and sourcing strategy
▪ Apply client origination and sourcing strategy to identify potential equity investment opportunities taking into consideration target countries, products, sectors, and development goals.
▪ Conduct preliminary appraisal to assess the feasibility and viability of potential projects and alignment with ICD’s strategy and development objectives, taking into consideration experience from previous investments and ICD’s Policies and Investment Guidelines

Project Appraisal, Approval and Execution:
▪ Obtain the necessary documents in respect of all aspects of the proposed investment including commercial, KYC and other Compliance checks, legal and statutory documents, market, financial projections etc.
▪ Initiate and engage with the client to agree on difference aspects of the proposed equity investment including but not limited to the disbursement plan, business plan implementation, board representation, governance and reporting, and exit parameters working together with Regional offices as and when required
▪ Conduct in depth Due Diligence or liaise with the relevant appointed specialists in respect of all aspects of the proposed equity investment including financial modelling and analysis
▪ Prepare the equity investment proposals and present them to the ICD Investment Committee (IC) and other relevant approval authorities, as needed
▪ Process the disbursement as per the agreed structure and approvals in coordination with the relevant support functions
▪ Identify and conduct the engagement process of all 3rd party consultants/advisor/specialists including legal counsel as per ICD policies and practices
▪ Assist in the Preparation of term sheets with the Division Head, finalize legal documents in close consultation with the legal department and participate in the negotiations with clients and any other parties concerned to implement the approved investment
▪ Ensures the processing of equity investments as per ICD’s policies and guidelines, and quality assurance standards on deliverables

Equity Investment Management:
▪ Prepare periodic Equity Valuation Reports for ICD Management
▪ Provide oversight of investees, process appointment of board members or attend board meetings (if appointed by ICD’s management in line with the Board Appointment Policies and Procedures) and General Assembly Meetings (as applicable) for value enhancement of ICD investments
▪ Ensure proper reporting from the ICD nominated board members and process ICD decisions as a shareholder on all General Meeting in respect of the investee companies
▪ Identify necessary activities required to enhance value of equity investments and identify potential equity exit strategies and parameters
▪ Maintain active communication with all concerned stakeholders including senior management and key decision makers of the investee at all times to work with them in implementing value enhancing initiatives

Portfolio Management & Reporting:
▪ Gather and analyze required information for periodic revaluation of equity portfolio
▪ Update information on portfolio exposures, ensure proper filing of the investment and legal documents, correspondence with clients and other relevant documents in a systemic manner
▪ Highlight/Identify any problems with equity projects, and propose activities to work-out (solution identification, negotiation and implementation)
▪ Process and coordinate for the disbursement of funds for projects against agreed upon timeline, where applicable
▪ Gather and arrange data and develop the periodic reports including one-off documents outlining equity portfolio performance across all applicable metrics

Qualifications/ Professional Experience:
▪ At least 3 years of experience in deals preferably in investment banking and private equity.
▪ Bachelor’s degree in finance/Banking or any relevant discipline is a must.
▪ A certificate in CFA, CMA, CPA or any other additional relevant professional qualification is a must.
▪ High proficiency in Financial Analysis, Equity Valuation, Report Writing and Business Communication.

Language Skills:
▪ Capable of communicating in two of the working languages (Arabic, English and French) of which English is a must.

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