Senior Associated Products Analyst – Qatargas , Doha, Qatar

Job Purpose
Oversees and maintains Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPAs) for all Qatargas (QG) LNG associated Products; Maintains and monitors the trends of all associated Products prices and cash flow forecasts; Oversees and maintain Refinery ventures agreements, Processing Services, Fuel Gas and Inter-Refinery Ventures both with external parties and between the Ras Laffan ventures.
Job Context & Major Challenge(s)
Oversees and maintains the sales contracts operations of over 850 Products cargoes (annually on behalf of all the different producing entities at RLIC).
Products consist of Untreated Field Condensate (UFC), Deodorized Field Condensate (DFC), Sulfidic Caustic, Low Sulphur Condensate (LSC), Plant Condensate (PC), Naphtha, Kero Jet (Jet-A 1), Propane (C3), Butane (C4), Low Sulphur Gasoil (LSGO), Heavy Gasoil (HGO) & Sulphur.
Other non-LNG operations include Laffan Refinery 1, Laffan Refinery 2 and QP supply fed by QG Ventures Condensate production of over 300 KBPD, with equivalent sales of Refined Products; as well as LSGO sales to QP/Woqod, Fuel Gas sales to Refinery Ventures, LPG processing agreements for Refinery Ventures, Propane sales to RLOC, Kero Jet sales to QSGTL, H2S and Heavy GO handling agreements for Refinery Ventures and Sulfidic Caustic service agreements for QG Ventures.
Job operates in the context of the operational and commercial aspects associated with the Laffan Refineries business, Products markets and operations in the complex RLIC environment, which involves several interrelated facilities and processes under a wide variety of commercial and marketing arrangements.

Job Context & Major Challenge(s) – II
Challenge in dealing with a wide range of complex commercial agreements related to associated products. Agreements include SPAs (cargo and pipeline based), service agreements, Fuel Gas agreements and other inter-venture agreements.
Other department’s continuity requirements can lead to short-notice re-assignment to other areas (LNG sales administration) and need for rapid familiarisation.
Operational issues often arise requiring prompt reaction to preserve business continuity – situations not explicitly contemplated by sales agreements often arise.
Large number of Products cargoes and multiple zones of end customers require extensive work out of regular office hours and time pressure on deliverables

Key Job Accountabilities – I
Maintains and administers the commercial agreements related to the SPAs for Products, inter-venture and service agreements relating to associated products. Resolves queries and ensures compliance to contractual obligations including drafting of all contractual notifications for supervisor. Provides functional input for associated products agreements and/or amendments to existing agreements to ensure compliance with Qatargas standards and participates in implementing any proposed changes or variations to the agreements.
Facilitates implementation of the agreements by coordination between the various QG functions as well as the customers regarding the relevant sections of the agreements and assists in developing the implementation procedures accordingly. Identifies any potential or actual breaches of the agreements by either the Sellers or Buyers. Advises his line supervisor accordingly. Liaises with other internal functions – particularly RLTO and Allocation & Planning department, to ensure the efficient implementation of Commercial and Shipping obligations.
Analyses and monitors Products deliveries to ensure business continuity of cargo documentation and other commercial activities relating to cargo deliveries as well as compliance with volume or specification related provisions of the agreements. Provides reports as required.
Monitors, initiates, tracks and maintains invoices and other documentation ensuring contractual compliance and timely collection of dues, and provides estimated Products prices, sales and production forecasts for cash flow projections to support financial reporting. Monitors Products prices in the market place. Sources include Platts, Aramco, QPSPP and Muntajat.

Key Job Accountabilities – II
Focal point of contact for external and internal parties such as RLTO, Operations, Finance, QP and QPSPP regarding any commercial, financial and operational issues related to LRs.
Calculates and verifies all Products sale prices (other than QPSPP and Muntajat self-determined prices) and services fees for invoicing either in a Provisional or Final Invoice. Determines and verifies the total quantity delivered to the buyers and inter-ventures. Provides the monthly cash flow forecasts for all Products for all QG ventures.
Coordinates with RLTO on various cargo related scenarios, which must be incorporated within the existing operating production and scheduling scheme.
Liaises with the QG laboratory to ensure the quality of Products is as per the contractual obligation.
Prepares the cargo documentation in Energy Components system in a timely manner based on the instructions received and ensures that the buyer, RLTO, Operations Group, Independent Surveyor and Shipping Agent are advised accordingly.
Maintains and operates department “Hydrocarbon Accounting System” to generate required cargo invoicing / documentation and analyses and maps business process developments to specify system configuration updates to system-support staff.

Bachelor degree in Engineering, Sciences, Economics or Business Administration or associated degree.
Knowledge and/or Experience
8 years general business or industry experience including minimum of 6 years of hydrocarbon sales contracts management experience preferably with marine export exposure.
Knowledge of the refining industry.
In-depth knowledge of contracts and their interpretation.

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