Senior Leadership Specialist – Nawah Energy Company , Abu Dhabi, UAE

Job Description
Act as a “one-stop-shop” subject matter expert, trusted advisor, and advocate for leaders of the enterprise.
Develop a deep understanding of the challenges and requirements of the leaders within the enterprise.
Act as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) for managing and delivering “in house” leadership development solutions and programs.
Develop the core leadership skills across all the leadership levels within the enterprise equipping line managers with the knowledge and skills they need to know to succeed as Nuclear leaders.
Develop curriculum that is fit for purpose, supporting the leadership competencies, behaviors, culture and at-site values required for sustained success and performance.
Champion the support and development of Emiratis in full support of the Emiratization Drive of the company.

Needs Assessment – consult with business leaders to clearly understand their leadership and management development needs. Facilitate exploratory meetings with executive leaders and senior managers to review their strategy in order to determine their future leadership and organization development needs.
Develop Tailormade Leadership Development Offerings and Interventions – based on the findings of the needs analysis, developed and design proposals for and program content for the development of custom designed leadership and organizational development programs.
Evaluation of Leadership Development Programs – track and drive measures of success/impact on business results, ROI, and enhanced talent development. Evaluate the impact of the Leadership Development Programs in terms of the adoption of the new skills by the leaders back in the workplace and in terms of a return on investment for the company.
Development of validated 360° Multi-rater and Upward Feedback Instruments – develop reliable and valid diagnostic (assessment) instruments and surveys assessing leadership competencies, corporate culture, employee engagement and innovation. Administer and development of multi-rater feedback reports.
Experienced Executive and Leadership Coach – Experienced Executive, Management and People Coach. Part of my daily work as a Consulting Psychologist in business was to coach a variety of executives, managers and employees on a variety of topics, issues and performance improvement. I am talented at providing powerful personalised individual one-on-one feedback and coaching, gathered from multiple perspectives ensuring enduring results.
Subject Matter Expert on Culture Change – Leadership plays a fundamental role in establishing high performing cultures. Acts as a subject matter expert in defining the behavioral change needed for the development of high impact organizational cultures.
Develop unique leadership development offerings and programs – Functions as a Knowledge Entrepreneur through applying and translating scientific research findings into practical leadership development processes. Latest example is developing the Nuclear Leader as Coach Program. Future examples – involvement in the design and development of the Manager/Directors Leadership Development Program.
Content Development – ensure evidence-based development of program content by researching the most up-to-date Peer Reviewed Journals to gain a thorough understanding of the latest scientific insights on the leadership development topics that we would like to cover in our leadership development program.
Presentation and facilitation of programs (Face-to-face or Remotely) – I am an experienced training and workshop facilitator. I am adept in establishing safe and collaborative training environments where participants felt it safe to voice their opinions. Am a keen observer of group processes and use observations to adapt my facilitation style and processes if necessary. Am skilled in developing rapport with participants of all levels.
Leader development through Action Learning – Facilitate and Action Learning projects where the leaders of a business unit all participated in a development process where they and the people that they manage became involved in solving real business challenges through short-term results focused projects.
Multi-cultural facilitation and sensitivity – deep experience in working with participants that are from dissimilar backgrounds.
Organizational Development Expert – Have extensive experience in planned organizational change making use of data-driven change processes in diagnosing organizational problems and developing interventions with significant business impact.
Improving Team Effectiveness (Team Building) – developing specific interventions for teams to make them more effective.
Providing thought leadership – being a subject matter expert on employee engagement and leadership for engagement as well as various other topics I have provided thought leadership on these topics by speaking on these topics at various conferences and symposiums.
Publication of articles, webinars, and videos for the Management Hub.

Relevant years of experience in a similar role – minimum 10 years
Nuclear Experience highly preferred

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