Senior PAT Test Specialist – Nawah Energy , Abu Dhabi, UAE

Job Description
Brief, support, coach and mentor the duty operations staff throughout the planning, execution and post close-out phases of Power Ascension Testing (PAT) for the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) Units 1 to 4, as per the regulatory and contractual requirements, technical specifications, nuclear standards for nuclear safety, industrial safety, and environmental protection, to ensure overall business performance objectives are achieved.
PAT Preparatory

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
Develop Nawah PAT Procedure to incorporate feedback from multiple departments and ensure Nawah standards are met.
Interface with PAT Contractor to ensure proper communication and align priorities.
Review Contractor PAT – Startup Admin Procedures (SAPs) to ensure safety of operation and quality.
Perform PAT Test Procedure Review and Revisions (Lesson Learned) – Plant Nuclear Safety Committee (PNSC) Approvals to confirm station is in alignment and nuclear safety is maintained in PAT revisions.
Manage Training Coordination – Simulator Testing and table tops to ensure staff proficiency and procedure effectiveness.
Provide Pre-Job Brief Preparation/Revisions to ensure all teams are prepared and anticipate and mitigate any delays in the PAT testing.
Conduct Test Result Review and PNSC Approval to validate accuracy of results and sustain progress in PAT program.
Perform Plateau Change Approvals to avoid delays in testing program.
Compile Lesson Learned Reports to eliminate risk and enhance future performance of testing from previous know problems.
Support Risk Analysis for Each Infrequently Performed Test or Evolution (IPTE) Test to ensure safe operation.
Develop Risk Mitigation Strategy and Actions to prevent or minimize possible delays.
Support Abu Dhabi Transmission & Dispatch Company (TRANSCO) / Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company (ADWEC) Planning Interface to ensure optimum alignment and coordination.
Oversight of Test Record Verification to ensure records quality and accuracy.
Perform PAT Schedule Input to enhance program efficiency.
Provide Warranty/Performance Test Review by Independent Contractor to validate technical accuracy of tests.
Develop, Implement, Archive master test data in Man‐Machine Interface System (MMIS) for PAT to ensure data collection is accurate and efficient to minimize any schedule delays.
Support Contract Payment Verifications to promote effective teamwork.
PAT Implementation

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
Communicate and engage all stakeholders to promote the efficient delivery of PAT to meet site goals.
Take oversight and co-ordinate the development PAT schedules and plans to enhance completion of PAT activities.
Review and amend PAT and supporting Nawah procedures to ensure alignment to General Operating Procedures and Normal Operating Procedures to ensure affective and efficient completion of Power Ascension testing.
Prepare and deliver GAP and JIT training to shift operations main stake holders to ensure operations is equipped to perform PAT with zero errors or delays.
PAT Execution Support

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
Support, coach, mentor the on-shift Main Control Room (MCR) staff in execution of PAT.
Execute Training (General – Just In Time) to develop staff and improve performance
Deliver Pre-Job Brief (Operational Experience (OPEX), Risks, Infrequently Performed Test or Evolution) to ensure safety and quality during performance of tests.
Support Test Execution (Co-ordination, Coaching, Prerequisites, Procedural Compliance, Human Performance (HU) Tools, Qualification of Test Personnel, and Data Recording) to ensure compliance with the procedures and schedule.
Prepare and Deliver Post-Job Debrief to capture lessons learned to enhance future evolutions.
Capture and Deliver Lesson Learned to improve performance.
PRC for OPS Procedure Initiated to optimize or increase quality and safety.
Ensure TCN for Test Procedure Initiated to ensure procedure is technically accurate and safe to allow moving forward in testing.
Provide Independent Verification of Testing (Peer Check) to confirm accurate results are obtained for plant data and results to allow proceeding with PAT.
Provide Representation in the Power Ascension Testing Control Center (PCC) to ensure any issues are rapidly resolved by PAT team.
Review of Test Results with SRO and Shift Manager (Acceptance/Review Criteria) to ensure acceptance based on defined criteria.
Document, Evaluate & Support Resolution of Deficiencies to promote efficient resolution and minimize delays in PAT.
Support Shift Turnover – brief with oncoming Senior PAT Test Specialist & Test Personnel to prevent any gaps in knowledge transfer between personnel.
Health and Safety and Security

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
Follow all relevant company’s Health and Safety policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure compliance in all aspects of work as per sound management practices. Apply these policies and procedures to self and others to ensure reasonable care of the health and safety of the employee; the environment; and various individuals who may be affected by the employee’s acts or omissions at work.
Follow all relevant Security policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure security compliance in all aspects of work, by applying them on self, others and Corporate assets.
Ensure compliance with corporate requirements for adherence to policies, procedures and instructions related to Crisis Management and Business Continuity in order to continue mission critical activities.

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related Science.
5 years of relevant experience.

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