Locate in the field: In the field, locate rights-of-way, topographic features, property lines, corners and boundaries. Coordinate Region control surveys.
Document management system: Search for, analyze, and arrange to obtain historical survey records and maps and develop methodologies to incorporate these records into a document management system.
Permit for survey corner destruction: Approve and issue permits for the temporary removal or destruction of survey corners
Field survey maps: Draft, check, file and distribute maps prepared that depict the results of the field surveys.
Coordinate critical projects: Coordinate unusually critical or complex projects, which usually involve the use of electronic measuring instruments and a large party.
Compute & plot survey data: Participate in computation and plotting of survey data.
Survey contracts: Develop procedures and specifications for statewide survey contracts and agreements; administer and approve contract surveys.
Approve plots & sites: Approve all right-of-way plots and electronic communication sites submitted to or created by the department for correct technical data and proper form.

Bachelor’s Degree and/ or Diploma in Civil Engineering from an accredited University to the approval of the Engineer.
Minimum 10 years of a demonstrable overall experience with a minimum of 5 years in all aspects of setting-out and surveying of similar construction projects;
Must be proficient with the latest surveying instrumentation and techniques as appropriate to deep underground structures projects.
Must be capable of working collaboratively with the Contractor’s staff to share information, provide constructive challenge and ensure the highest level of tunnel and shaft alignment.
Proactive acumen and ability to manage multiple work areas on site are essential

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