Temporary Consultancy Contract – Islamic Development Bank , Saudi Arabia

Job Responsibilities:
Temporary Consultancy Contract
The scope of work is to develop/review/rewrite comprehensive Job Descriptions for the newly created and existing positions. (Estimated 200 job roles to be covered under this project)

The methodology will include:
* Job analysis to ensure tasks, activities and responsibilities are covered.
* Identify relationships (e.g. reporting, supervising, internal and external interactions)
* Identify the minimum education, experience, knowledge and competencies required to perform the job at an acceptable level. (considering the internal JD Development Guidelines)
* Determine the Financial Accountability / Impact of the jobs, if any, on the overall business of IsDB.
* Identify Key Performance Areas and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
* Benchmarking externally with a global / regional and progressive local companies, and benchmarking internally (considering the Internal Job Descriptions Repository)

The deliverables will include a well-documented Job Descriptions using the Hay Methodology, and covering the following job elements;
Job details: job title, reporting, position in the organization, and location.
Role purpose.
The number of direct and indirect staff managed by the role.
Key performance areas.
Performance indicators, to be used as a guide for setting Performance Objectives
Authority and decision making.
Internal and external work relationships.
Financial responsibility.
Education, experience and technical skills.

Job requirements:
Expertise in Job Analysis and Developing Job Descriptions (10+ Years).
Had similar experience with MDBs/IFIs.
Additional information:
This is a temporary remote consultancy contract to develop 200 Job Descriptions within (6) months (renewal will be on 3 month’s basis, with maximum duration of one year).

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