Digital Communications Specialist – ENEC – Nawah Energy Company , UAE

Job Description
To support the digital communication strategy of ENEC in order to utilize various forms of internal and external electronic communication channels to enhance corporate reputation and increase awareness of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program, and the organizations of the Enterprise. Develop, plan and handle all digital communications activities and content, including portals, website and digital media channels.

Digital Communication Policies
• Develop and implement ENEC electronic communication strategy/policies to ensure messages are aligned with ENEC corporate communication strategy to monitor ENEC, Nawah and Barakah One Company e-reputation and presence.
• Enforce and raise awareness on internal digital communication procedures with ENEC staff and suppliers to control and centralize online reputation and social media activities.

Strategic Planning of Digital Communications
• Coordinate with agencies to assist with developing/reviewing digital communication strategy. Understand use of influencers, SEO, platform engagement.
• Implement the dynamic organization-wide digital communications strategy supporting the Enterprise’s objectives and ensuring mission, message and brand are used professionally and effectively across the internet, from the main website and sub-sites through to third party websites.
• Support in engaging and prioritizing key stakeholders to support a coordinated presence across digital platforms.
• Coordinate with external contractors to work in order to develop and build customized content and promote it to the right audiences using the right channels.
• Implement the strategic and tactical use of portal accounts to manage our key messaging, enhance our reputation and to respond quickly and decisively to counter any inaccurate or potentially damaging comments
• Develop scope of work for digital communications requirements
• Maintain proper and automated execution of the different digital communications such as insight messages…etc.
• Maintain portals and website assuring all communications aspects are within the standards.
• Act as a point of contact with key functions that contributes to the digital communications aspects iServices, ICT teams etc. Ensure all digital communications requests are documented using the approved forms.
• Work closely with the different functions to ensure fulfilling digital/online requirements such as the website and portal
• Develop and maintain a broadcasting matrix that includes all the forecasted messages from the different functions.
• Project manage the delivery of any plans to ensure they are completed on schedule. Flag any issues or delays to ensure work continues efficiently.
• Own the iServices digital communications requests and resolve them within a timely manner and within the appropriate SLA.
• Where required, develop internal broadcasting messages in coordination with the internal engagement team to ensure accuracy and proper positioning, layout and overall branding and content.

Content Creation and Review
• Review all content produced by agency and check for English/Arabic usage.
• Review and check factual accuracy of content.
• Review and check against strategic plan to ensure consistency and strategic value.
• Review to ensure consistent use of technical terminology.
• Review to see where content could be linked to other platforms to maximize information availability (social media to website, etc.).

Digital Production
• Ensure quality deliverables in accordance to the brand guidelines
• Obtain approval on the production of branded materials to meet quality standards and appropriate use of brand and positioning, as well as security requirements.
• Maintain relevant records and reports of material produced, drafts corporate quality guidelines and drafts lessons learned to ensure continuous improvement and efficiency
• Contribute to the innovation across multimedia deliverables
• Keep up to date with current web trends and developments and ensure timely and current use of digital media.
• Manage the production of the video and podcast production, identify need and the most effective usage and ensure those in the field have access to current and positive material via the appropriate channels.
• Manage and ensure the expansion and improvements to intranet usage across the organization.
• Comply with the up-to-date available procedures and processes

Crisis Communication Management
• Develop and incorporate digital crisis communication requirements into ENEC crisis communications plan to utilize announcing and responding with critical information using digital media in coordination with Corporate Communications.
• Prepare and evaluate analysis reports on Nawah and ENEC’s crisis communication’s performance digitally, including lessons learned and proposed recommendations.

Stakeholder Engagement
• Manage the communication of both internal and external stakeholders in order to build and nurture mutually beneficial working relationships.
• Specifically work with Media Relations team to integrate digital strategies with PR and media strategies to ensure maximum exposure and effectiveness.

HSE & Security
• Follow all relevant company’s HSE policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure HSE compliance in all aspects of work in accordance with sound management practices by applying these HSE policies and procedures to self and others to take reasonable care for the health and safety of people, or the environment, who are at the employee’s place of work who may be affected by the employees acts or omissions at work.
• Follow all relevant Security policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure security compliance in all aspects of work, by applying them on self, others and organization assets.

Bachelor’s degree in Corporate, Communications, Media Relations Studies, Marketing, Business Management.
At least 5-10 years of relevant work experience

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