Plants Network and Communications Specialist – Nawah Energy Company , UAE

Job Description
Carry out Operations Technology network and communications infrastructure activities such as Plants Operational data, and voice and video networks including physical and logical topology for Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) facilities and integration with corporate infrastructure. Participate in the implementation and maintenance of Plants Operational network and communications infrastructure leveraging supplier partnership capabilities and engagements. Assist in monitoring of Plants network and communications related Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the customers and suppliers to ensure alignment of the business continuity and service excellence with performance targets and strategy

Plants Network and Communications Planning
Perform the development and implementation of plants network and communications infrastructure plans and SLAs for own area of responsibility to ensure stability of infrastructure.
Comply with SLAs necessary to provide the plants network and communications services timeline to ensure services availability.
Plants Network and Communications Design
Participate in the development of system designs, specifications, overall architectures, topologies, configuration databases and design documentation of plants networks and communications technology within the BNPP to standardize the design approach.
Participate in the assessment of associated risks, specification of recovery routines and contingency procedures to achieve the acceptable level of risks.
Assist in maintaining the translation of logical designs into physical designs to ensure best practice is followed.

Plants Network and Communications Support
Assist in the development and maintenance of procedures and documentation for plants network and communications support to ensure availability of services and performance.
Perform all requests for technical support according to set standards and procedures.
Plants Network and Communications Maintenance
Follow maintenance schedules and procedures to ensure the availability of services and performance.
Carry out equipment upgrades and modifications to ensure controlled change management is in place.
Assist in monitoring of system performance, recommendation of equipment modifications changes to operating procedures, servicing methods and schedules to ensure continuous service improvement.
Assist in maintaining the service compliance of all Operational Technology network and communications service assets in line with business and regulatory requirements involving knowledge of financial and technical processes, tools and techniques thereby ensuring asset controllers, infrastructure teams and the business co-ordinate and maximize value, maintain control and ensure any necessary legal compliance.

Change Implementation
Implement business readiness plan, taking into consideration Operational Technology deployment, data migration, capability deployment such as training and engagement activities and any business activities required to integrate new processes into the “business as usual” environment.
Participate in the implementation of processes and procedures, tools and techniques for monitoring and managing the performance of automated systems and services, in respect of their contribution to business performance and benefits to the business, where the measure of success depends on achieving clearly stated business/financial goals and performance targets.

Systems Installation/Decommissioning and Testing
Participate in routine installations and de-installations of items of hardware and/or software in accordance with Plant design control and change management.
Carry out Plant networks and communications activities to ensure targets are met within established safety and quality procedures, including, where appropriate, handover to the client.
Perform tests of hardware and/or software using supplied test procedures and diagnostic tools.
Perform rectification of systems malfunctions, calling on other experienced colleagues and external resources if required.
Assist in gathering and recording the documentation of the details of all hardware/software items that have been installed and removed to ensure configuration management records are updated.
Implement installation procedures, standards, and work installation schedules to ensure standard approach is exercised.
Assist less experienced colleagues to ensure best use of available assets is made, and to maintain or improve the installation service.
Participate in test cases using own in-depth technical analysis of both functional and non-functional specifications such as reliability, efficiency, usability, maintainability and portability) and traceability records from test cases requirements to ensure lessons learnt and knowledge are shared across the organization.

1. Bachelor in Computer Science, Engineering or Information Technology
2. At least 5 years of experience in designing and maintaining Operational Technology (both analogue and digital) in Nuclear Power Plant/Energy Sector
3. Fluent English (both written and spoken)
4. Traits: Stress-tolerance, adaptability, ability to work in dynamic environment, accountability, teamwork, self-motivation.

• Post-Graduate degree preferred in Computer Science, Engineering or Information Technology
• Over 5 years of total experience with
• 1 year in nuclear or power generation utility environment
• 2 years’ experience in designing, supporting and maintaining digital and analogue networks infrastructure for data, voice and video over physical and logical network
• Experience with implementation and management of highly available (HA) system architectures.
• Experience with interfacing or managing delivery of services through an outsourced partner.

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