Research Analyst – Alfaisal University , Saudi Arabia

Job Summary:
Work as Research Assistant for Corporate Governance Center (CGC). The Candidate will be responsible for working on all aspects of the CG Index project including collecting and archiving data/information; scoring process of performance and compliance of companies, and monitoring and updating CG website. This needs to deal with company’s financial administrative information; and monitoring and updating CGC website.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities
The qualified candidate is responsible to work directly with the supervisor of CGC on CGI project. The following are the main duties: • Collect, compile, verify, and analyze information from internal and external sources in order to build a sufficient database of information that addresses various internal requirements.
This task includes:
Collecting available data and documents needed for assessment process of CG principles. The data is publically available and easy to be obtained through company’s website and Tadawul website.
Collecting data through communicating with companies by email and phone requesting the data needed before the assessment process starts. This includes existing document and policies that is not published on corporate website.
Participate in the assessment process, by reviewing the collected information and apply it to the assessment model.
Analyze data and information.
Prepare and maintain excel database.
The scoring process is based on an atomized system, so candidate should have the ability to work on computer and deal with huge documents and data files.
Prepare and deliver presentations whenever needed including PPTs.
Collaborate with the CGC to promote the center.
Participate in meetings – Prepare for and actively contribute within meetings in a clear, concise and relevant manner.
Monitor and revise the CGC website whenever is needed.
Ability to translate Arabic to English and vise-versa.
Flexibility of time; some weeks very busy, but others are relaxed.
Internal Relationships
Work with CGI team.
External Relationships Relationships
Communicate and coordinate with some external clients like SAGIA, CMA and some private companies.

Education & Experience
Bachelor’s in Business (preferably in Finance or Accounting); a graduate degree can be an added value.

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