Software Developer – Bahrain Airport Services , Bahrain

Job Description:
Main Objectives
Enhance efficiency in operations by analyzing programs and maintaining data processing systems. Receive user requirements and develop customized applications to suit their needs. This includes program design, pseudo coding module charting, coding, testing, documenting and work estimating. Execute assigned projects as per timelines and defined quality standards. Be available for stand by and call out duties as and when necessary. Undertake any other duties as assigned by his/her department head.

Main Duties
Understand operational requirements and coordinate with various stakeholders within section to execute these efficiently.
Initiate and execute end to end programming procedures in compliance with company standards; this includes preparing detailed module charts, pseudo code, input-output interface specifications, file layouts, screen formats, report formats, documentation.
Conduct thorough research and leverage studies / reports to assess the technical viability of data processing programs; this includes preparing tests for programs, auditing results, analyzing interface requirements as per hardware systems and correcting errors in program logic.
Review latest software protocols and procedures and ensure updating of technical and operating manuals of

Software applications.
Liaise with users across units to provide application support and timely resolution of requirements.
Seek inputs from seniors to develop program modules as per the specification details.
Ensure effective project management through completion of modules within specified time frame.
Conduct extensive secondary research on latest software guidelines and processes and coordinate with seniors to incorporate these in BAS context.
Ensure adherence to IT protocols/database security in accordance to Disaster Recovery mechanisms.
Monitor escalations and resolve queries as required ensuring uninterrupted operations. Refer to seniors as and when required.
Monitor efficiency in handling software measures through adherence of strict quality standards established and in compliance with procedures.
Identify discrepancies/escalations if any, investigate and report accordingly to seniors
Implement processes and policies related to Software Development section to ensure the operational efficiency of the unit.
Ensure cleanliness and security standards are met through regular monitoring of standards set in accordance with QA requirements.
Comply with the Company and Airport authorities’ health, safety, and security regulations.

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