Electronics Engineer, BFG International, Mina Salman, Bahrain

Experience / Knowledge / Skills Required for the Role
B.S.C or National Diploma in Electronics Engineering
Programming micro-controllers such as ATmega328 – also known as Arduino UNO – using “Arduino IDE” or other IDE software.
Programming PLCs using different languages such as “Ladder”, “Structured text” and “functional blocks”.
Single, double and 4 layer PCB design layout.
Soldering electronics components both through-hole and surface-mounted.
Sourcing electronic components, PCBs and any other related services from outsourced suppliers.
Knowledge about the different types of PLC I/O modules and industrial standards.
Knowledge about different programming languages like C, C++, C#, LabView, Python, etc.
Knowledge about the different types of microcontrollers that can be used for both prototyping and final products range.
Knowledge of software such as Arduino IDE, LabView, RS Logix and Matlab

Installation of electronics systems.
Analyze the needs of internal customers to determine system requirements and the cost of developing electronic system plans.
Sourcing of electronics systems.
Drawing, designing and simulation of electrical and electronic circuits.
Designing and managing equipment used to control and monitor processes, systems and machinery in many different areas.
Designing, building and testing of electronic circuits and producing design and test result reports.
Designing systems to control pressures and temperatures.
Writing specifications and drawing up theoretical designs.
Writing technical reports and keeping up to date with developments in technology and regulations.
Properly using testing equipment like multimeters, oscilloscopes, variable power supplies, soldering station and signal generators.

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