Job Description:
Job Responsibilities
Aware of requirements specified in the Contract Documents.
Inspect site conditions to ensure suitability for the designed permeant works.
Give particular advice on constructional matters.
Inspect operation, maintenance and construction including temporary works to ensure compliance with approved methods and Contract requirements.
Maintain records of inspections, work executed etc.
Asset in or measure work done when required by AREs and RE.
Monitor the quality of materials and workmanship.
Assist in preparation of “As-built “drawings and assist with inspection of completed works.
Prepare snag lists and handover to operating authority.
Ensure performance of the work in strict accordance with the plans and specifications.
Maintain a detailed diary of the day’s work activities, issues, work approved or rejected, hours of operation, labor and equipment used, etc., and sign the diary at the end of each day.
Interface with the public, especially residents and business owners adjacent to the work, to mitigate the construction impacts.
Coordinate daily with the Contractor’s engineers and Foremen in charge of the work to advise on the proper execution of the work.
Coordinate with the Materials Inspector and arrange for sampling and testing of satisfactorily completed work, as well as quality assurance testing of suspect materials.
Coordinate with the Surveyors to check the line and grade of completed work for conformance with the plans and specifications.
Report questionable methods of operation by the Contractor to the AREs or RE.
Report to the Assistant RE or the RE any failure of the Contractor to conform to plans and specifications or failure to provide good workmanship.
Process the request to check work forms and maintain records of their status.
Maintain records of completed works for interim and final payment and as-built plans.
Maintain detailed records of work performed by the Contractor on a Day Work basis.
Make special notes and document the Contractor’s activities that may lead to claims.
Be fair and firm in dealings with the Contractor. Consider alternatives and consequences carefully before making decisions.
Issue instructions to the Engineer in Charge or Contractor’s representatives of the work.
Notify the Assistant RE or RE of conditions that render it impractical or unreasonable to enforce the specifications.
Report and document any accident that occurs on site and notify the Assistant RE or RE immediately.
Enforce performance of the work in strict accordance with the approved Safety Plan.
Direct the site supervision related to road and infrastructure.
Coordinate his direct activities with the other discipline inspectors, ARE and RE to maintain consistency and integrity in the overall construction.
Maintain the Sr. Inspector daily report and ensure accuracy and completeness of records.
Liaise with all parties for site safety and quality of works.
Act positively and participate in all health and safety issues at site, as required by the Resident Engineer, and the Project Safety Representative.
Comply with safety, health and risk management requirements.
Provide all necessary on-site direction and issue indications with respect to road works, utilities and other related activities.
Report back as necessary to the Resident Engineer and AREs.

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical engineering and minimum four (4) years post graduate experience in managing processes, engineering contracts of major Landscape, Roads & Infrastructure projects of complex nature.
Demonstrable experience in all aspects of electrical supervision on Landscape & general infrastructure projects preferably in the Gulf region.
Emphasis on Quality Assurance Specifications and Statistical Quality Control.
Should be able to review and justify the Inspection requests and technical reports.
Must be fully computer literate and able to utilize computer technology to access data, maintain records, generate reports, etc. and any project specific engineering and construction relevant software.
Must be fluent in English written and spoken with an excellent capability in written technical skills as well as oral and written communication skills.
Must be available in UAE.

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