AC Technician – Transguard , Dubai, UAE

Job Description
Transguard Group was established in 2001 and has diversified significantly, we lead in the fields of Cash Services, Security Services, Manpower Services, Facilities Management & Aviation. Transguard Group is the UAE’s most trusted business support and outsourcing provider and has a large, dynamic, and culturally diverse workforce with 50,000 employees! We are currently recruiting for a Coordinator-Hospitality Operations. This role will be based out of DAFZA, Dubai.
Job Purpose: To provide and demonstrate technical A/C ability on-site, responsible for conducting maintenance checks and repairs for Air-con and other HVAC systems

Job Responsibilities
Air conditioning technicians work independently under the supervision of the facilities supervisor by applying power tools, hand tools, different testing, and precision-measuring instruments.
They are expected to complete work orders as assigned and scheduled according to established industry and company standard practices and procedures and to prepare reports on their work activities to management.
Air conditioning technicians perform various functions to see to it that air conditioning systems and related equipment and facilities work effectively and efficiently.
Carry out repair and routine maintenance duties on equipment, building facilities and offices, building systems, grounds, and structures
Conduct regular preventative maintenance inspections of HVAC equipment
Repair or replace defective parts in units and equipment and their controls, including but not limited to thermostats, automatic switches, fan controls, log switches, damper motors, louvers, relays, filters, controls, belts, compressors, heat exchangers, high limit controls, pressure controls, safety valves, and automatic gas valves
Install and calibrate systems; install copper tubing and repair pipes and tubing as necessary; test joints and insulate pipes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems; flush boilers, and descale tubing; rebuild pressure and temperature safety valves and water pumps.
Change spare parts where required
Demonstrate Transguard’s capability to clients as a market leader in the area of MEP maintenance; being knowledgeable and confident of the equipment and requirements
Develop and maintain an excellent technical knowledge of existing and new services/products through in-house or external training courses
To assume responsibility for high quality and timely delivery
Provide regular reports & updates to the Operations Manager
The tasks, duties, and responsibilities that they carry out working for various sites may differ because of the peculiar nature of the operation
Coordinate efforts with the company’s contracted chiller vendors to ensure HVAC systems are functioning perfectly
Perform inspection, maintenance, repairs, and installation of air conditioning systems, including D.D.C. building control and pneumatic systems, cooling systems, and refrigerators.
Carry out maintenance checks on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems; clean evaporator drain pans, coils, and filters; lubricate fan and motor bearings; repair and change motors, electrical wiring, belts, compressors, thermostats, fans, floating elements, and defrost timers
Place airflow controls to occupants’ preference by adjusting dampers, splitter, diffusers, and fans speeds; take away, clean, and change filters and strainer; the remake, repair, and paint metal and wood cooling fans and towers; add the right amount of chemicals to water towers to prevent corrosion and rust
Run equipment, observe its operation, and read instruments and gauges, including volt-ohm meters; find out temperature gauges and adjust mechanisms, including valves, pumps, and controls to direct levels of fluid, temperature, and pressure; charge with specified types and amounts of refrigerant, and bleed contaminants from systems; inspect gauges and carry out periodic preventive maintenance checks
Carry out overhauling and servicing of refrigeration units by repairing, changing, or reworking broken parts of compressors, condensers, and vacuum pumps; inspect Freon level in refrigeration units and fix any leak observed, and charge units as required; clean and change filters on ice machines and similar equipment; inspect heating elements and change if bad
Perform repairs or adjustments on piping connections, valves, couplings, and fittings
Take away pumps and motors, change bearings and shafts, repacks and perform reinstallations; perform an adjustment on expansion valves; change, fix, and re-calibrate humidistats and thermostats, change hinges, gaskets, and hardware
Provide assistance to supervisor in planning new installation and modification projects, preparation of specification, and major reconditioning and overhauling projects, applying knowledge of refrigerating systems, engineering specifications, and blueprints
Order for replacement of equipment parts as required, perform repairs as ordered, and keep a record of servicing on equipment
Carry out minor electrical maintenance work, such as repair or replacement of fixtures, including wall switches and outlets, ballast, incandescent, and fluorescent tubes and bulbs, fuses, sockets, etc., by applying the right tools
Perform related duties that may be assigned

Technical Certificate or Diploma in Refrigeration / Air-Conditioning
Basic Electrical Troubleshooting / Trade Test
Good English communication skills Organizing Clean and functionally test A/C equipment
Identify and rectify faulty A/C equipment
Remove and replace damaged parts on A/C equipment
Clean and functionally test A/C equipment
Identify and rectify faulty A/C equipment
Remove and replace damaged parts on A/C equipment
Identify and correct electrical equipment related to the Air conditioning system
Understand BMS Functions and settings
Troubleshooting & maintenance of Split Unit, Air Handling Unit, Package Unit & Window A/C
Knowledge to identify & specify recommend needed parts of Air conditioning System
Experience on dismantle and installation of Air Condition parts.
Experience on troubleshooting of motors and motor controls

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