Job Summary
Carry out Quality maintenance and repair jobs as instructed in the job card; conduct preliminary inspection after finalizing the job. Responsible for all Tire fixing,Balancing, Wheel Alignment, camber adjustment and inspection activities.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience
Technical Certificate from a vocational school
Minimum experience of 2 Years in similar jobs.

Required Skills
General Mechanical/Electrical skills
Knowledge in Tire products.
Knowledge in Tire replacing & Fitting.
Knowledge in Tire pressures and Service conditions.
Finish tasks within allowable time limits.
Deals with Customer Property with care.
Good knowledge of spoken and written English.
Should be well versed with modern and Hi tech equipments

Duties and Responsibilities
Perform quality repair work in accordance with the instructions on the job card; such work includes mechanical repairs, engine and transmission overhauling, in addition to electrical and AC repairs
Assist in trouble-shooting activities to diagnose customer reported complaints and problems.
Inform the Workshop foreman of any further repair or service requirements that are needed to be done before delivering vehicles to the customer.
Inspect the body and the tires of customers’ vehicles for dents, bumps, wear, or damages and inform the Supervisor accordingly.
Carry out efficient tire fitting and replacement as per the instructions given by the supervisor.
Follow available work instructions to ensure highest levels of provided quality.
Inspect the Tires pressure and adjust it accordingly; take into consideration the weather conditions and the type of tires and vehicles.
Change oil and oil filters as per the requirements of the customer and the directions of the Supervisor.
Commit to time limits provided by the Supervisor.
Assist colleagues in performing their tasks as necessary.
Maintain an orderly clean work area.
Assist in the House keeping of the Workshop work area.
Maintain the work equipments and tools and informs the supervisor of any failures or malfunctioning of such equipments.
Report to the Supervisor any difficulties or additional job required during work.
Shall be knowledgeable of A.A. Bin Hindi Internal procedures and policies.
Perform other duties and responsibility as agreed upon by the TBA Division Head and Job holder.
Note: Statements mentioned here above reflect the general duties and responsibilities necessary to perform the principal functions of the job, and shall not be constructed as a detailed description of the entire work requirements that may be inherited by the job.

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