* Job involves contributing to delivery of service, coordination of other members of staff, and making plans towards achieving company’s goals and ideals. He is required to monitor business outreaches designed to introduce the organization’s products and services to the outside world, towards winning new clients for the company.
*Provides support to an organization’s development team to ensure timely and consistent delivery of core company services to its clients and investors, towards ensuring that potential and existing clients and investors remain satisfied with the company’s brand. Implementation and maintaining quality system in finance area as per quality system documentation
*Manage the communication of the organization with clients via means like emails, telephones, and websites
* Respond to inquiries made by clients about company products and services in a timely and friendly manner
*Act as link between the organization and the clients to ensure clients take more interest in products and services rendered by the business organization
* Provide required support for the organization’s business development team, especially in activities relating to account management
* Perform various tasks, like recording minutes during meetings .
* Support the business development manager in sales support when required by him/her
*Work under direction of the business development manager
*Assist the manager to make inquiries on small projects and to handle them from start to finish
* Cooperate in positive manner to the growth of the organization by providing required assistance to relevant staff and organization’s partners

*Bachelor’s degree in related field of study
* With minimum 5 – 7 years of experience.
* Excellent skills in logistics management and information and computer technology
*Ability to carry out research relating to the organization and collate the information derived from such research towards improving the organization’s business status
* Strong communication skills in both written and verbal forms
* Excellent attention to details and strong ability to produce high quality reports and presentations
* Excellent skills in time management
* Strong drive towards fulfillment of company’s goals
* Ability to relate freely with other members of staff, both up and down the ladder

Industry Experience Required
Qualification Required : Graduation
Experience Required : 5 years
No of Vacancy Available: : 2

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