Ruby on Rails Software Engineer – Leidos , Kuwait

Job Description:
Seeking Software Engineer to analyze user needs, develop software solutions, and have in-depth knowledge of analysis process, analytical databases, deployment hosting methodologies, web hosting, internet communications tools and platforms, to develop the analytical solutions.
The candidate will have an in-depth software engineering knowledge to write code that successfully manipulates data. The candidate will demonstrate experience in working with MySQL, Ruby on Rails – Linux platform, web-based development, shell, Perl, python, SharePoint, Arc Sight and Adobe Insight products. The candidate will demonstrate experience in developing codes, tests, and debug software, which includes data optimization and formats but are not limited to, specified data filtering, data alignment and correlation of specified data types and other information. The work required shall consist of, but not
be limited to, the following tasks:
Write scripts and profiles for GOTS and COTS analytical applications
Build complex profits, align tools, and tailor databases and applications, which successfully process extremely large data repositories
Provide quick-response tailoring to software by writing scripts
Design and customize software for analytical use to optimize analytical efficiency and streamline the workflow
Develop and write computer applications to store, locate, and retrieve specific document’s, data, and information
Maintain updates and enhance software products
Document code changes or revisions by using version control and revision logs descriptions
Optimize actions by recognizing where it is necessary and expected to work with other team members and across groups to improve success

Evaluate existing software products and makes on-going improvements to the analytical toolbox
Coordinate with the Gov POC and other team members to ensure problem solution, appropriate risk reduction, and user satisfaction
Update applications, databases and tools for customers with changing demands
Conduct testing for programs and software applications to be sure they will produce the desired information and that the instructions are correct
Write, update, and maintain programs or software packages to handle specific jobs related to analysis of large data sets
Consult with managerial and technical personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems, and suggest changes
Collaborate with other technical resources and customers to select appropriate design solutions and to ensure the compatibility with system
Design valid user-criteria testing, prior to production release of software

Required Skills
BS degree and 2 – 4 years of prior relevant experience or Masters with less than 2 years of prior relevant experience.
2+ years of experience web based development
Working knowledge Ruby on Rails
Proficient in MySQL administration
Proficient in the following languages: shell, Perl, and Python
Experience in Linux operating systems and platforms
Familiarity with SharePoint
Experience with Arc Sign and Adobe Insight Products
Familiarity with Agile development

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