Governance and Contract Specialist, Qatar Foundation, Doha

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development is a private, chartered, nonprofit organization, founded in 1995 by His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Father Amir of Qatar. Guided by the principle that a nation’s greatest resource is the potential of its people, Qatar Foundation aims to develop that potential through a network of centers devoted to progressive education, research, and community welfare.

To developand maintain board-related legal documents and subsequent governance andcompliance activities and prepare contracts and agreements directly related tothe CPO and/or Founder.

Law degree withspecialization in International Law, Business, Political Science, Economics,Corporate Governance, Policy, International Organizations, Diplomacy or otherrelevant discipline

3-6 years of full-timeregulatory and compliance work experience

Excellentbig-picture understanding of international, institutional, and politicalframeworks

Strong analyticaland project management skills

Excellentcommunication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills

Strong written andverbal fluency in both Arabic and English with the ability to draft and edit avariety of written reports and communications and articulate ideas clearly andconcisely

Proficiencyin MS Office applications

Develop, reviewand implement a board governance compliance program and governance documents(e.g. bylaws, charters) while ensuring highest standards in collaboration withHead of Corporate Governance

Draft and updateBoard and committee-related meeting records, governance and legal documents tosupport the work of the Secretary and to ensure legal compliance

Ensure Board andcommittee compliance with governance framework requirements in terms of monitoring and implementation

Managee-interfaces and registers related to decisions, resolutions, compliance, andreporting to ensure they are kept current

Supportcontractual and legal functions in various capacities as determined by theSecretary of the Board / Legal Advisor

Carry out initialresearch in connection with contractual and legal matters to be discussed at orreported to meetings

Contribute to Boardand divisional board secretaries’ development and training

Prepare reports,summaries and presentations on legal matters as requested

Assist with the development, retention and controlaccess to board/committee resolutions, decisions and recommendations

Coordinate board honorariadocumentation and reporting

Supportthe implementation of QF Board Orientation Manual

Ensuresystematic development of decisions related to operations, projects andentities

Managethe translation of governance documents and decisions to ensure all such documentsare readily available in Arabic and English

Assist with translation and review oftranslations (Arabic to English; English to Arabic), as needed

Ensureall Boards, Committees and Entity Governing Bodies are compliant with thearticles of association, bylaws, charters, governance manual and stateregulations

Preparecontracts/agreements directly related to the CPO and/or founder and advise onlegal matters as required

Other reasonable dutiesas assigned by supervisor

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