CONSTRUCTION MANAGER – Parsons , Saudi Arabia

Parsons’ extensive experience in this field, combined with your extensive knowledge of various disciplines to be used during construction, will propel your career forward with opportunity for advancement with top performance. We need our Construction Managers to be versatile and thoroughly familiar with required contractual obligations and technical aspects of all facilities as well as those who have exceptional communication, analytical and management skills. In this role you manage all onsite field construction activities associated with the completion of a large project. (Typically a project having a total installed cost of $100 to $150 million.) We will need you to apply methods and techniques to be utilized for installation. In addition to construction supervision, the incumbent is also responsible for field administration, procurement, and field engineering. Willingness to relocate to construction site locations is expected.

The Construction Manager will work on behalf of Parsons and the client with responsibilities including: Directs the overall planning of construction activities to identify critical milestones and priorities.
Determines budget estimates and staffing requirements for the defined scope and schedule.
Ensures that the services of subcontractors and major construction equipment required by the project will be available at the appropriate time to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.
Establishes assignments for Construction Superintendents for various work areas of construction operations, monitoring progress and recommending corrective action as necessary.
Conducts performance evaluations and recommends promotions and salary actions.
Manages the assignment of manpower, materials, and equipment to maximize efficiency, maintain schedules, and to meet budget goals.
Keeps alert to possible problem areas and takes preventative action to ensure that critical milestones are met for each phase of the project.
Ensures the use of sound construction practices to attain required quality control at the maximum efficiency and minimum cost.
Prepares periodic reports summarizing progress of construction activities for higher level management and clients, including formal presentations.
Ensures effective implementation of all Company and client policies and procedures, including labor relations policies.
Serves as the primary contact with client representatives, subcontractors, and government representatives for construction related activities. Maintains strong client and community relations.
Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.

20+ years of experience in field construction is required
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a construction related field (or equivalent construction related work experience)
Experience in the construction of large civil/structural and/or industrial projects at domestic and/or foreign locations is preferred
Requires extensive knowledge of construction related processes, as well as a thorough knowledge of industry practices
Demonstrated effective managerial capability, as well as strong written and oral communications

Experience mainly on site construction supervision , experience in construction assurance / department role
Experience shown in developing systems and construction procedures
Experience shown in constructability review and sessions.
Experience shown in high rise construction and heavy lifting planning
Experience shown in modularization , construction productivity norms planning and validation

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