Director Business Intelligence, Mobily, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Managerial Responsibilities
1. Contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the sector through performing own responsibilities and managing direct reports performance.
2. Set the department’s goals and objectives and ensure the cascading of such to reporting sections, and guide their achievement.
3. Contribute to the development of the sector’s policies, procedures and processes through providing input as advised by the direct supervisor.
4. Provide direction and advice to the direct reports in performing their delegated responsibilities.
5. Ensure the ongoing development of the department’s employees, and assure the developmental activities of direct reports.
6. Oversee the overall performance of direct reports and ensure KPI’s are well communicated and monitored.
7. Ensure effective identification, allocation and utilization of the division’s resources.

Functional responsibilities
Lead the effort to set up the monitoring, reporting and analysis infrastructure for all key metrics for Mobily, its units and senior management.
Provide in-depth and accurate analysis of the underlying drivers of performance, including against competitors, budget, optimal state
Lead the development of requirements, trade-offs, and selection of data storage, business reporting, and analytics tools and platforms
Design dashboards and reports for periodic management review.
Establish and oversee the implementation of processes for the efficient retrieval, aggregation, validation, analysis, and automated reporting of information
Develop and define new or improved metrics for performance measurement where needed by tracking and understanding both internal and external developments
Interpret and analyse performance related to Mobily, divisions and senior management in order to identify performance gaps and risks.
Work across units to validate and standardize data metrics, maintaining a Mobily-wide data dictionary.
Formulate and implement methodologies for accurate performance forecasting and the introduction of advanced analytics to reliably identify areas of increased focus.
Develop capabilities for machine learning, forecasting, and advanced analytics
Establish and monitor data controls in source systems to ensure data quality (reliability and accuracy)
Review existing reports for metrics validation & incorporation.
Perform other duties as required by higher levels of supervision.

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