Director Service Delivery Management, Mobily, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Managerial Responsibilities
1. Contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the sector through performing own responsibilities and coordinating direct reports performance.
2. Set the section’s goals and objectives and ensure the cascading of such to the direct reports’ individual goals and objectives.
3. Apply individual items of sector’s policies, procedures and processes and ensure adherence and implementation.
4. Coordinate with direct reports the performance of their delegated responsibilities.
5. Ensure the on-going development of the section’s employees, and guide the activities of direct reports.
6. Oversee the overall performance of direct reports according to communicated KPI’s.

Functional responsibilities
Lead the end-to-end delivery of the fixed & ICT services, integrating the company’s IT standards, external best practices and oversee implementations for on-time delivery
Facilitate the understanding and mapping of ICT & fixed services business requirements solutions with IT solution and Design
Establish/create service delivery procedures and associated SLAs for the delivery of fixed & ICT services.
Ensure the information systems and the review structure for SLAs and customer satisfaction are in place and effectively used.
Ensure and monitor that processes are in place to pro-actively protect consistent service quality through rigorous management of change control and acceptance into service procedures in line with service Delivery governance parameters.
Ensure resources, capabilities and capacity to meet both existing and new business demand.
Provide expert problem management support to complex issues and ensures root-cause analysis is conducted and a corrective action plan is followed through with any learning applied for future benefit
Constantly improve the quality and inter-working of the ICt & fixed services, including other service partners and Vendors to ensure a seamless end-to-end delivery of service for the business.
9. Perform other duties as required by the higher levels of supervision.

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