Division Manager, Business Excellence – Islamic Development Bank – Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

This role is responsible for providing IT governance, Enterprise project management, align IT investments with organizational business goals and manage the strategy to facilitate continuous support and improvement of organizational solutions in line with established industry standards, and customer requirements. In addition, this role is responsible to implement MIS analytics and required infrastructure that deliver improvement toward Digital Transformation Strategy of ITFC.

Key Strategic Responsibilities:
Contributing to the IT strategy for ITFC, which enables the achievement of business objectives and priorities. Continuously monitoring the IT strategy implementation to ensure effectiveness of the same.
Maintaining IT policies, processes and standards in alignment with IDB IT systems and best practices in the market pertaining to the acquisition, development and operation of IT systems.
Assessing ITFC’s need for key IT systems, including core Business Operations, & non-core systems (Data Management, HRIS etc.) and developing an implementation plan for the same, in accordance with the business priorities.
Representing the ITFC IT team in all IT related meetings with the Senior Management and the IDB Group.
Contributing to the establishment of principles and governing policies over interaction with suppliers, partners and all types of outsourcing, and supporting the Head of D&OE with the department’s strategy and desired target state and the benefits the organization brings to ITFC and clients and partners.

Managerial Responsibilities:
Determining the staffing needs for the division based on the work load and work allocation and finalizing these with the Head of Digital Innovation & Operational Excellence.
Managing the team under Business Excellence by evaluating performance of team members, providing feedback on an ongoing basis, identifying development needs and coaching them to ensure ongoing capability development.
Conducting trainings for the ITFC team on various aspects on which the role holder has subject matter expertise.

Core Responsibilities:
Developing an understanding of the various levels of requirements, the domain, and the used technologies within ITFC.
Interfacing with key users and project sponsors and other relevant stakeholders in order to determine their (evolving) needs.
Supporting the Head of Digital & Organizational Excellence with the establishment of Enterprise Architecture (EA) policies and procedures, and establishing and maintaining ITFC enterprise architecture in alignment with them.
Generating the highest level of system requirements, based on the user’s needs and other constraints, and ensuring that this set of high level requirements is consistent, complete, correct, and operationally defined.
Performing cost–benefit analyses to determine whether requirements are best met by manual, software, or hardware functions; making maximum use of commercial off-the-shelf or already developed components.
Reviewing the performance of ITFC’s system landscape on a regular basis and initiating subsequent action for course correction, as required.
Managing the partitioning ITFC system landscape into subsystems and components and ensuring that each subsystem and component is assigned to a responsible Business Excellence employee (e.g. databases, iMal, etc.).
Interfacing with the (internal and external) Solution Developers, so that any problems arising during design or implementation can be resolved in accordance with the fundamental design concepts, and user needs and constraints.
Ensuring that a maximally robust design is developed by evaluating new developments or changes to the architecture and approving any changes.
Generating a set of acceptance test requirements, together with the Solution Developers, and the user, which determine that all of the high level requirements have been met, especially for the user interface.
Ensuring that all architectural products and products with architectural input are maintained in the most current state and never allowed to become obsolete.
Developing and maintaining documentations for the ITFC data and infrastructure model, the enterprise architecture and architecture blueprint.
Analyzing the architecture and determining the requirements towards the architecture and its alignment with the corporate and D&OE strategy.
Advising D&OE colleagues and departments with all architecture topics.
Gathering and evaluating technical requirements and steering the respective requirement management.
Planning of the system capacity in alignment with the Head of D&OE.
Continuously analyzing opportunities to improve the systems in order to optimize the performance, cost structure and risk avoidance.
Steering and supervising external providers, if required.
Contributing to the market analyses for selection and evaluation of hard- and software products.

Qualifications & Other Certifications:
Masters Degree in IT discipline or related field
Language Skills:
English is compulsory
Arabic or French is highly desired
Years of Experience:
Minimum of 9 years of experience
Minimum of 6 years in a Managerial/Team leadership role
Minimum of 5 years of experience in enterprise architecture or solution design
Experienced developer in relevant system environment
Experienced in system architectures and concepts
Substantial, general knowledge of hardware, software, and similar systems.
Reasonable familiarity with Islamic banking and respective business requirements

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