Division Manager, Digital Innovation & Transformation – Islamic Development Bank , Saudi Arabia

This role is responsible to lead the digital transformation strategy of ITFC and or to open new opportunities in the digital workspace by using modern technologies. It thus provides profound knowledge about business architectures and provides digital solutions considering usability, time-to-market and other non-functional requirements.

Key Strategic Responsibilities:
Contributing to the IT strategy for ITFC, which enables the achievement of business objectives and priorities. Continuously monitoring the IT strategy implementation to ensure effectiveness of the same.
Develop programmes to implement digital innovative products which will enable the organization to deliver products and services which are efficient and highly effective.
Create and support an environment of digital innovation and best practice, ensuring the use of technologies for the benefit of stakeholders and members countries.
Create and embed a prioritization approach to develop a roadmap for innovation with the relevant processes, tools and metrics to support business objectives and new growth opportunities.
Be able to articulately and passionately present digital concepts to internal and external stakeholders.
Assessing and analyzing ITFC’s need for key IT systems, including core (eTrade, Business Operations, Treasury, Risk Management, MIS systems etc.) & non-core systems (Data Management, HRIS etc.) and developing an implementation plan for the same, in accordance with the business priorities.
Representing the ITFC IT team in all IT related meetings with the Senior Management and the IDB Group

Managerial Responsibilities:
Determining the staffing needs for the division based on the workload and work allocation and finalizing these with the Head of Digital Innovation & Operational Excellence.
Managing the team under Digital Innovation & Transformation by evaluating performance of team members, providing feedback on an ongoing basis, identifying development needs and coaching them to ensure ongoing capability development.
Conducting trainings for the ITFC team on various aspects on which the role holder has subject matter expertise.

Core Responsibilities:
Understanding the business area needs and encouraging the use of effective digital technology to fulfil business needs, leveraging state-of-the-art digital solutions, to drive operational excellence in the organization, and translating strategic initiatives into delivery-focused change initiatives.
Collaborating closely with the System Architect to define the main purpose and requirements of the system architecture and promoting alignment with it.
Bridging the gap between business and digital technology by aligning and integrating the two to ensure the successful implementation of ITFC’s business strategy.
Deriving, planning, implementing and managing best-in-class digital solutions and technologies that are well aligned to the strategy, mission, and goals of the organization, to effectively drive business benefits for exceptional financial performance and competitiveness.
Applying a structured business architecture approach and methodology for capturing the key views of ITFC.
Capturing the tactical and strategic enterprise goals (e.g., fostering of FinTech) that provide traceability through the organization and are mapped to metrics that provide ongoing governance.
Defining the set of strategic, core and support processes that transcend functional and organizational boundaries, identifying and describing external entities such as customers, partners, suppliers, and external systems that interact with the business, and describing which roles, resources and controls are involved in the processes.
Supervising the definition of the data shared across the enterprise and the relationships between those data.
Capturing the relationships among roles, capabilities and business units, the decomposition of those business units into subunits, and the internal or external management of those units.
Aligning with the System Architect in all matters concerning the enterprise architecture.
Evaluating special and test concepts, having potential business value for implementing new digital products, and sharing the results of new concepts with the management of ITFC.
Connecting and collaborating with other organizations to foster digital innovations and initiatives within ITFC.
Acting as a knowledge hub and facilitator to drive collaboration with business units and external partners for cross-sectional focus areas.
Promoting, driving and supporting digital innovation as a competitive advantage to deliver new products, services and processes, support for new business models, and accelerating growth.
Being an agent for change, who uses business architecture to agitate and initiate action and challenge others via business designs and solutions that drive requirements to the business operational and organizational structures.

Qualifications & Other Certifications:
Masters Degree in IT discipline or related field
Digital Transformation & Innovation or similar certifications are an advantage
Language Skills:
English is compulsory
Arabic and/or French are desirable
Years of Experience:
Minimum 9 years of total experience
Minimum 3 years in Managerial/leadership role
Minimum 4 years of experience in Digital Transformation

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