IDS Tornado Instructor WSO – BAE SYSTEM , Saudi Arabia

Job Title
BAE Systems is the UK Government’s nominated Prime Contractor under the Government-to-Government arrangements that are in place to provide equipment, support and training to Saudi Arabia. We provide maintenance of Royal Saudi Air Force aircraft and train RSAF personnel safely in a training environment in how to use their aircraft, equipment and weapons. For such training this role requires the following:

Recent IWSO experience.
Must have served as an IWSO for at least 250 hours.
Must have flown IDS/GR4 within the last one year as an IWSO.
More than 1000 hours total fighter time as a combat-ready WSO.
Must be a graduate of the RAF Academic Instructor Course or equivalent course.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsible to the Squadron Commander for the training of RSAF IDS pilots, WSOs and instructors, to serve and clear general operations issues in his squadron.

Duties will include, but not limited to:
Mission planning training: All phases from intelligence break-out, chart making, through mission execution, including desired tactics and employment options/techniques for all flying phases.
Active flying training to include: Navigations skills, look-out responsibilities, offensive/defensive systems management, crew coordination, weapons management/options, and maintaining situational awareness by normal means and enhancing equipment.
May be selected as Standardization Evaluation flight Examiner.
Weapons and Tactics employment training.
Time Management: Assists aircrew on how to pace themselves in both performance of critical airborne tasks and duties as a platform instructor.

Platform Instructor duties to include:
Flight planning, including normal and advanced equipment (Example: FDL (Link-16) and TAMPA).
Enemy weapons systems capabilities and counter measures.
Electronic warfare.
Targeteering and Weaponry.
Radar operation and interpretation.
Navigation skills, both normal and enhancing techniques.
Instructional methodology/technique
Good man-management and people development competencies. Management experience with proven ability to manage all levels of engineering personnel. High level of interpersonal skill to co-ordinate a number of activities and the ability to communicate, influence and direct the decision making. Experience of multi -tasking to manage a range of engineering and management activities.

Expatriate Employee Benefits
In return for the required high levels of commitment and hard work you will receive a competitive salary, rent free accommodation and access to free recreation facilities, all available within Company secured accommodation. A full health care scheme is provided within Saudi Arabia. In addition a generous leave and travel allowance makes this an opportunity not to be missed.
On successfully securing a role your appointment to Saudi Arabia will initially be on a single status. On commencement of employment in Saudi Arabia, you will have the opportunity to apply to have your family join you in the future.

Saudi National Employee Benefits
In return for the required high levels of commitment and hard work, you will receive a competitive salary and benefits package, including a generous leave and travel allowance and a full health care scheme.

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