KFAA TMIS Manager – BAE Systems , Saudi Arabia

Your Main Responsibilities
As the Training Data Manager the Job Holder is responsible to the Head of Training Support (HTS) for the management of the Training Management Information System (TMIS) ecosystem, the data contained within, and the staff of the Data Management Department (DMD)
The Job Holder is responsible for the recruitment of suitably qualified and experienced staff to carry out the roles and responsibilities of the DMD. He will co-ordinate recruitment efforts with the HTS as well as BAE Systems HR and any other relevant or involved function. He is also responsible for ensuring that job descriptions are kept up to date for all staff members in the DMD and to manage any job or role evaluations that may be necessary. He will monitor the performance of the DMD staff and ensure that any staff reporting directly to him complete the annual ePDR process.
The Job Holder is responsible for the process documents related to the DMD and the use of the TMIS ecosystem. He will identify , develop and publish approved processes that allow for the effective and efficient use of the TMIS to support the delivery of the O&AT contract. He will also develop and manage the security policy and processes that ensure the integrity and security of the TMIS and the training data held within.
The Job Holder is the interface between KFAA and the rest of BAE Systems with regards to TMIS. He will liaise with any other relevant BAE Systems function to ensure the continued operation of the TMIS. He will also liaise with external vendors and contractors to ensure that the TMIS remains up-to-date and fully functional. He will, where applicable, identify potential improvements or additions to the TMIS ecosystem, and then work with other relevant BAE Systems functions to deliver improvements where they are deemed within the scope of the O&AT project.
The Job Holder is to manage the TMIS reporting system and is responsible for collecting and collating requests for data or reports from the Customer and BAE Systems. He will undertake quality assurance on reports produced by the DMD and then publish them for consumption by the appropriate end users.
The Job Holder is to ensure compliance with the BAE Systems Operational Framework and Life Cycle Management mandates as they relate to his duties. He will demonstrate personal leadership and management qualities and capabilities which will promote and protect BAE Systems reputational interests. He will promote the BAE Systems values of Trusted, Innovative and Bold through effective management of the TMIS and DMD staff alongside a policy of value-added improvement designed to enhance the delivery of the O&AT project at KFAA.
The Job Holder is to identify Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) risks and opportunities relevant to employees for whom he is responsible, to discharge the Company’s obligations under SHE policy and to implement appropriate solutions to SHE-related challenges where applicable and possible within the framework of his environment and to escalate SHE issues that cannot be resolved with the framework of his local environment.

Manage recruitment for the Data Management Department (DMD) in conjunction with the relevant BAE Systems functions.
Monitor and manage the performance of the DMD staff, including assigned ePDRs.
Identify, develop and publish business processes to maximise effective and efficient use of the Training Management Information System (TMIS).
Identify, develop and publish functional processes to ensure the integrity and security of the TMIS and associated data.
Identify improvements to the TMIS and implement where feasible.
Liaison with external contractors and service providers.
Liaison with other BAE Systems functions to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the TMIS.
Liaise with Customer and BAE Systems on internal and external reporting requirements.
Ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory and corporate requirements.
Make recommendations based on data and best practice in specialist areas.
Manage SHE, and Duty of Care, responsibilities within the DMD, in compliance with SHE Policy and processes.

Your Skills & Qualifications
FUNCTIONAL KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED (qualifications/experience):
Educated to degree level or professional equivalent with:
Knowledge and understanding of BAE Systems Training Governance policies and procedures.
Knowledge and understanding of Training and Engineering Lifecycle Management processes.
Knowledge and understanding of project management and reporting requirements including using the Project Reporting System (PRS).
Programming and planning experience, preferably in a training environment.
Knowledge and understanding of Company financial and commercial practices and requirements.
Preffered Experience and knowledge of RSAF practices and procedures preferably gained through at least five years’ involvement with the Company’s programmes in KSA.
Knowledge of best practice in Training Systems administration and planning gained from previous experience and research.
Experience of managing training systems.
Experience in a position of responsibility involving managing staff and resources.
Ability to react quickly and make rapid but considered decisions when required.
Substantial experience as a trainer/instructor.
Good appreciation of project management techniques and tools.
Worked in Middle East and/or Saudi Arabia on Training , IT programmes.

BUSINESS EXPERTISE (company/industry knowledge):
Proven experience, capability and credibility to gain the confidence of and ability to influence a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including Customer and Supplier communities.
Interpersonal skill to co-ordinate a large number of diverse activities and the ability to communicate, motivate, influence and direct a multinational workforce.
Personnel management and development competencies.
Ability to work on own initiative with minimal direction.
Ability to conduct formal client presentations, best practice training and lead business process re-engineering discussions.

Degree graduate or professional equivalent with IT ,relevant training qualification.
Knowledge and experience in Training Management software implementation and technical support.
A seasoned leadership professional with proven experience.
Preffered Experience and knowledge of RSAF practices and procedures.
Computer literate across the Microsoft Office suite.must be very knowlegeble in how toutilize application of the data management support softwares such as Microsoft Excel , Powerpoint BI , Crystal Reports., Computer programming & cooding .
Understanding of Microsoft technologies including SQL server and relational databases.
Preffered at least one year’s experience in the use of, and delivery of training in the Ocean FlightPro suite of training management systems or equvelent.

Highly developed communication skills, required to engage, motivate and influence the Customer community, motivate and enhance company team performance and successfully engage with a multinational workforce.
Outstanding leadership skills with demonstrated Performance Centred Leadership (PCL) capabilities that have driven and delivered value.
Proven capability in managing customers and in directing and leading the workforce to deliver objectives, performance and value.
Proven direction, motivation and leadership abilities directly applicable to leading a strong, multicultural management and support team, to deliver ‘Best in Class’ services with a diverse and multinational workforce.
Motivate a diverse support team to achieve all objectives in a difficult working environment.
A collaborative and team oriented approach.

Saudi National Employee Benefits
In return for the required high levels of commitment and hard work you will receive the following package, which makes this an opportunity not to be missed
A competitive basic salary
Generous leave
Living allowance
Transport allowance
TAWUNIYA health care scheme for Employees and immediate family
Discounted TAWUNIYA health care scheme for Employees Parents
Access to discounted gym membership
Executive Supplement allowance

BAE Systems
BAE Systems has a heritage of commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For 50 years, we have provided the platforms and services that support the Saudi armed forces to defend the interests of the Kingdom. In support of the Saudi Arabia National Objectives, we’ve invested heavily in the development of Saudi people, technology, infrastructure and local companies in the defence supply chain. Our investments have helped to develop the Saudi defence industry as well as developing a skilled and highly productive workforce.

Inspiring Work, Inspiring People
All appointments in Saudi Arabia are subject to receipt of all necessary Government and/or Customer approvals. If you are Ex-military, you MUST submit your end of service certificate with your application. We aim to complete the assessment and selection process within 3 weeks from closing date.

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