IDB2416 – Senior Trust Fund Management Specialist – Islamic Development Bank , Saudi Arabia

Role Purpose:
To plan, review, assess, manage and coordinate approved Trust Funds Projects; work closely with donors, beneficiaries and other internal/external stakeholders to successfully implement identified projects; facilitate faster approval and implementation of emergency projects.

Strategic Planning
Provide support in developing department’s strategies, policies, procedures and programs to provide necessary humanitarian assistance as and when required within the broad guidelines of the PTF.
Provide necessary assistance in the preparation of annual administrative budget for programs and activities identified to be financed by each Trust Fund.
Project Management and Implementation
Assess new projects proposals and determine whether such projects are suitable for funding as per trust funds guidelines and IDB’s guidelines, vision, mission and objectives.
Manage the on-going projects to ensure that the work progress is following the agreed plan and the signed contract.
Follow up with the concerned team internally for timely disbursements of funds.
Provide necessary guidance on planning, implementation, reporting and closure.
Assess various contracts, MOU and other legal documents prepared during the project life cycle in coordination with other departments.
Contribute effectively to the development of the PTF Strategic Framework, medium term Business Strategy and budget, with operational KPIs linked to PTF strategy.
Implement PTF policies and procedures,
improve projects portfolio management process, with the aim of minimizing risks to the projects portfolio and compliance with the organization’s strategic plan.
Provide advice and technical expertise on the design and implementation process of trust funds.
Project Communication and Coordination
Prepare periodic information notes and briefs on PTF effectiveness in order to create both internal and external awareness of the Trust Funds and their activities.
Co-ordinate with other departments within IDB in order to build relationships with countries and entities contributing to the PTF Resources to keep them abreast of developments in Trust Funds.
Follow up on projects performance by travelling to sensitive areas like West Bank and Gaza as and when required.
Supervise support staff and consultants in the field for timely and effective completion of projects.
Identify the right tools, techniques, technologies and methodologies required for monitoring a running project.
Ensure involvement of all necessary stakeholders in the assessment process of new projects.
Represent IDB at regional and international conferences, seminars, and workshops on development programs.
Emergency Response
Perform detailed analysis of an emergency request and ensure proper coordination with possible partners in emergency situations.
Prepare detailed proposal memo for handling the emergency request.
Assess the received proposals from implementation vendors for identifying the right partner for emergency projects.
Track the progress of emergency operations; review and assess the submitted progress reports.
Knowledge Sharing & Innovation
Provide expertise and guidance to less experienced staff trust funds management techniques.
Disseminate knowledge and technical information where and when needed
Prepare and present regular progress reports to keep the PTF seniors fully abreast of the latest developments in the business.

Academic qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Social or Behavioural Sciences or in relevant fields
Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Social or Behavioural Sciences or in relevant fields (Preferred)
English: Required
Arabic: Required
French: Preferred
Minimum number of years and nature of experience
8 – 10 years of relevant experience
Excellent computer skills with expertise on MS Office and spread sheets.
Knowledge and experience on Project Management Tools.
SAP User Interface.
Sound knowledge of banking activities, standards and procedures.
Excellent coordination and networking skills.
Exposure to policy analysis and review.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English with Arabic as an added advantage.

Job specific competencies
Building Relationships
Client Centricity and Responsiveness
Motivation to Learn and Share
Passion for Excellence
Analytical Thinking
Drive for Results
Knowledge, Learning and Communication
Communication Effectiveness
Problem Solving
Stakeholder Management/Client Orientation
Strategic Planning
Bank Knowledge
Country Portfolio Assessment
Economic Analysis and Assessment
Facilitation and Evaluation
Fund Management
Financial Reporting
Fund Mobilization
Business Process Knowledge
Development Effectiveness
IDBG Financing Instruments
Product Procurement
Project Design for Impact and Sustainability
Project Management
Sector/Country Dialogue and Work
Travel requirements:
As needed.
Jeddah, Head Office

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