Head of Cycle (Plant Organization) – Nawah Energy , UAE

Job Description
The Plant Organization Cycle Head develops and maintains the Cycle Schedule and ensures Work Orders are assigned to the appropriate Work Week in the Cycle Schedule. They maintain the Master Quarterly Schedule, Cycle Plan, work order inventories and Major Plant evolutions (outage to online and online to outage transitions, major system outages, plant events for FANR//WANO etc…) The Cycle Head will chair the Work Screening Committee Meeting, the T-week scoping meetings and associated breakouts and extra planning meetings for Functional Equipment Group system outages.
They provide oversight of the work control key performance indicators, PM and Surveillance scoping, and prioritization processes based on plant health committee membership, equipment reliability sub-committee member and system health advocate for the online team. Ensures all Work Control related procedures and processes are aligned with “Industry Best” practices, along with providing oversight to these elements, ensuring they support safe and efficient implementation of the site work control process. Is a critical facilitator of the process charged with working with all stakeholders to get industry best performance from the team.

Key Activities and Responsibilities
Work Control Management Plant Organization
Accountable to Site Management for being the single point of contact for all WM process oversight during work screening, scoping, and initial long-lead planning of work weeks. Delivers a fully loaded and risk analyzed work week to the work week heads for the scheduling, preparation and execution phases.
Maintains Nuclear Safety as overriding priority, while keeping station work request/work order backlogs at industry best minimum levels.
Member of ERO and OCC duty teams, outage / forced outage support as required. Conducts and submits CRs and observations. Performs procedure reviews, conducts condition evaluations, apparent cause evaluations and other WM reports to support excellence in WM.
Work Week Execution Plant Organization
Beginning the scoping phase with the end result in mind (the execution week) this position provides oversight for work week activity preparations in the scoping phase that includes PMs, long-lead material acquisitions, conflict resolution, management direction, and coordination of all stakeholders.
Works with the Operations department to eliminate schedule induced challenges to nuclear safety and plant technical specifications.
After the execution week the notes and learnings from the cycle head need to be included into the weekly critique for lessons learned and improvements.
At times, the work week heads require support and the cycle head position provides that support.

Staff Training and Qualification
Responsible to complete assigned training in a timely manner to maintain all required standards and qualifications.
Actively coach peers, when required, to ensure a high level of work performance is maintained
Maintain awareness of Site and Departmental budget objectives, as applicable for assigned tasks.
Ensure that the most efficient and cost conscious decisions are discussed when scoping a work week plan. Always strive for the most productive and efficient use of plant resources.

Stakeholder Engagement
Facilitate communication both internally and externally in order to build and nurture mutually beneficial working relationships.
Works with work week heads to ensure the correct relationship and interdependencies between work weeks exist.
Works with all other involved departments to facilitate excellence in work management.
Responsible for daily and weekly meetings and is responsible for the production of such meeting packages, agendas, meeting minutes, action item lists and follow ups.
8 years of nuclear power plant experience including over 4 years PWR nuclear power plant experience in operation stage and supervisory/managerial role.
Technical Competency
Good understanding of nuclear power plant design and modification.
Understanding of license basis requirements and plant operating requirements.
Able to establish relationships with peers within the site and across the nuclear industry.
Good understanding of regulatory requirements relative to the modification of a nuclear power plant.
Behavioral Competency

Core Competencies:
Respect for Safety and Security
Integrity and Transparency
Communication Effectiveness
Results Focus: Working effectively and efficiently
Leadership Competencies:
Strategic and Visionary Thinking
Inspirational Leadership
Effective Decision Making
Personnel Development
Effective Partnering
Performance Improvement
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related science or equivalent nuclear power plant work experienc

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