Manager, Lives and Livelihood Fund Management Unit – Islamic Development Bank – Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

Job Purpose:
To Provide strategic direction and coordinate activities of the Lives and Livelihood Fund Management Unit; take day-to-day operational decisions ensuring that the Unit meets its strategic objectives in line with the IsDB Group strategic framework, LLF Charter and its Operations Manual; position the Unit to organize and manage LLF activities across relevant departments; report the Fund’s activities to the key stakeholders, act as the Executive Secretary to the Impact Committee of the LLF and to be responsible for resource mobilization and overall donor relations.

Key Accountabilities:
Strategy Development and Business Planning:
Formulate, develop and effective implementation of business strategies, policies, guidelines and business processes for the Lives and Livelihood Fund Management (LLFM).
Lead the development of annual work plans and financial budgets for submission to the Impact Committee for approval and coordinate the Unit’s activities by effectively utilizing the resources and budgets.
Propose short and medium-term operation plans of the Unit, assist in obtaining the approval of the Impact Committee and effectively implement it to achieve the Fund’s strategic objectives.
Coordinate with relevant business units, e.g. CP Complex and Supervise the selection of projects as per the LLF requirements, identification of the relevant development partners, developing a policy dialogue to enable LLF achieves its mission in the targeted region or country.
Set LLF’s KPI’s and Objectives, monitor and evaluate the ongoing performance and quality of its outputs and services, identifying and initiating actions for improvement and innovation.
Policy for LLF:
Ensure overall policy compliance and alignment with the LLF objectives; also undertake measurement of performance/results and measurement of leverage.
Manage, review and update the LLF Operations Manual.
Ensure the exercise of the Trustee’s functions as defined in the Operations Manual.
Ensure that all the financial management accounting and auditing requirements of IsDB’s trust fund procedures as well those of the donor contribution agreements and Operations Manual are aligned and are being implemented consistently at all times.
Advocacy and Resource Mobilization:
Support the Impact Committee’s efforts through the launch of resource mobilization campaigns, events, consultation meetings, conferences and relevant forums to promote the Impact Committee’s vision, building donors network and providing logistical supports.
Ensure representation/promotion of the LLF in the relevant for a, meetings and events.
Marketing and Relationship Management:
Strengthen the interactions with external stakeholders in order to improve the LLF visibility in the world at large.
Liaise with the Impact Committee (LLF Board) members on the relevant organization and administrative items, including providing Executives and LLF Board members with meeting schedules, request items for the agenda and status on action items.
Act as a conduit for formal communication between the LLF and IsDB and Donors.
Provide the President, IsDB with all the necessary reports/ inputs
Coordinate with LLF Donors and departments within the IsDB Group so that all LLF matters are considered and aligned with the Unit’s annual plan and budget.
Establish, develop and maintain a strong network of relationships with various stakeholders including governments, institutions, agencies, civil societies, NGOs, partners, philanthropic organizations, private sectors, and individuals to further the work of the LLF.
Portfolio Management:
Develop programs and projects, manage contractors who carry out tasks on behalf of LLF, and be responsible for taking corrective actions related to the management of the initiatives and be accountable for LLFMU’s deliverables
Review, contribute to, and present for approval project identification and appraisal process to ensure that appropriate projects are provided with funding.
Supervise, monitor the work and take corrective actions, as needed, of the LLF representatives and meet the necessary reporting requirements.
Monitor the implementation of LLF operations and work programs by developing effective monitoring system and tools, maintain operation’s database, assess portfolio performance and prepare reports thereof.
Coordinate with the relevant stakeholders for the preparation of the pipeline of projects to be funded by the LLF.
Secretarial Services to the Impact Committee:
Function as the executive secretary to the Impact Committee to enable it carrying out its responsibilities.
Provide agendas, analyses and information to the Impact Committee and the stakeholders. Ensure keeping records of all communications/ documentations relating to the LLF and the Impact Committee.
Oversee the translation and documentation services for meetings, conferences and other events of the Board of Executive Directors of LLF (Impact Committee).
Ensure efficient secretarial services are provided to the committee meetings chaired by the Chair of the Impact Committee of LLF, in coordination with all the Donors.
People management:
Give strategic orientation to the LLFMU, generate commitment, motivation and enthusiasm to the team goals, and, guide the team members through periods of change or uncertainly.
Provide clear direction and motivation, prioritize tasks, assign and delegate responsibility and monitor the workflow.
Plan, manage and review performance of staff of the LLFMU and provide regular feedback, development and coaching, taking prompt action where necessary.
Provide opportunities for the team members to suggest, participate in and contribute to improvement, innovation and knowledge sharing initiatives.

Knowledge Sharing & Innovation:
Be responsible for and supervise development of knowledge products and insights that contribute to strengthening of LLF operations.
Ensure that the team continually improves contribution through new ideas and improved output.
Prepare and review LLF newsletters with all relevant updates of LLF.
Keep abreast with the latest developments and advancements in the targeted countries and actively attend all necessary meetings /missions /workshops /consultations / etc. with representatives of the LLF and respond to their needs and activities effectively.
Establish a knowledge base and inventory of best practices and develop a comprehensive and up-to date view of managing projects.
Reporting and Communication:
Serve as the focal point and ensure that the LLF Management Unit is the resource centre and organizational memory for matters related to LLF and the Impact Committee functions and activities.
Provide guidance to IsDB staff on the modalities of the LLF and communicate relevant Impact Committee decisions to them.
Supervise fulfilment of IsDB’s public information responsibilities.
Communicate/report intended results, results achieved, performance, and lessons learnt to the IsDB Management, relevant governing bodies, donors, partners and other key stakeholders.

Education, Experience & Certification:
Academic and Professional Qualifications:
Master’s degree in Business Administration / Economics / Social Development Studies / Engineering / any relevant discipline.
Minimum 10 years of prior relevant experience in a multi-lateral sector, of which 5 years in the managerial/supervisory role.
Skills & Necessary Knowledge:
Demonstrated planning, facilitation and secretarial skills to organize and support Impact Committee meetings and produce required documentation.
Advanced knowledge of fund management/administration.
Strong knowledge of Administrative, Operational and Board Policies and procedures.
Understanding of IsDB Group’s status as a Multilateral Development Bank including functions, immunities, privileges and exemptions.
Knowledge of various aspect of emerging trends and themes in the development sector and socio-economic development and development needs of the least developed and developing Member Countries.
Ability to adapt to changing business circumstances to maintain effective performance of the Unit.
Able to draw actionable steps from IsDB overall strategy.
High degree of confidentiality and protection of sensitive information.
Ability to maintain a rational and objective demeanor when faced with stressful or emotional situations.
Ability to carry out performance evaluations at direct reports and sub-reports.
Influence others using rational arguments. Identify basis for compromise and reaches agreement.
Able to identify risks and implement necessary mitigation measures.

English ( Mandatory )
Arabic ( Mandatory )
French ( Preferred )

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