REVENUE OPTIMISATION OFFICER – The Emirates Group – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Job Purpose
Job Outline:
Optimise network revenues across all Origins and Destinations through co-ordination of activities within Revenue Optimisation by ensuring Demand, Pricing, Inventory and Analytics’ activities are delivered on time. Continuously monitoring the competitor activity, demand trends and directing the priorities of the assigned markets by ensuring pricing structures are reflected within the demand forecasting process. Develop and maintain expertise around revenue management principals and techniques.

• To achieve revenue related objective of the department using pricing, inventory, pricing distribution, revenue systems and analytics tools as per set timelines
• Provide continuous feedback to RO standards and procedures and keep the standard operating procedures up to date in addition to compliance by RO Market Operations team, Pricing Distribution, Inventory and Revenue Steering & Standards
• Continuously review the practice, procedures of the function to improve efficiency and cost saving; communicate all business requirements to the line manager, RO Standards and Procedures team and RO systems team to ensure operational requirements are delivered
• Provide expert advice and guidance to the end users and head office departments by answering queries, undertaking investigations and identifying areas of improvement
• Conduct and analyse all quality control process on tactical fare activity to ensure fare products are pricing as per the commercial intent. Proactively communicate and resolve any errors ensuring areas of concerns are clearly identified and solutions are delivered

• Manage and prioritise all market fare work packages for distribution for the allocated regions. Ensure workload is reviewed and any potential bottlenecks within the workflow process are identified and communicated with the Pricing Analysts and Pricing Managers
• Initiate and communicate all business requirements to the RO Standards and Procedures team and the RO systems team to ensure operational requirements are delivered and make recommendations where required
• Conduct and analyse all quality control process on tactical fare activity to ensure fare products are pricing as per the commercial intent
• Manage and guide the teams to ensure departmental SLAs are reached ensuring all SLAs are reviewed by both the Market Operations team and the RO Services teams
• Proactively develop, manage and maintain a calendar and schedule of promotional and annual pricing and demand activities for the allocated region.
• Collaborate with the S/MROs in planning fare package renewal/repositioning, holidays and special events demand influences and demand forecast adjustments
• Manage and monitor competitor activity and analysis through pricing and demand forecasting systems
• Provide detailed analysis of market fare price position for the periodic review of strategic fare ladders and ensure EK fares are positioned competitively.
• Monitor flights on the EK Network within the operational window of 72 hrs prior to departure and identify critical flights with potential for denied boarding
• Facilitate pre-transferring passengers on critical flights and action aircraft swaps, closures, and configuration changes
• Liaise with Reservations Services team to reaccommodate disrupted passengers
• Produce comparative analysis and reports of no-shows, denied boarding and point of sale bookings
• Revamp system parameters to enhance the performance of the optimisation systems and forecast accuracy
• Update Group parameters and set up autopilot rules based on requirements to increase the efficiency of Groups Management
• Assist and support Systems and Analytics Managers in data analytics for various what-if scenarios, business contingencies, and impact analyses and reacting to unanticipated business conditions
• Develop, document test cases, and conduct detailed Business User Acceptance testing
• Set up and monitor PNR checks – duplicate bookings, redundant itinerary and O & D violations
• Identify inventory abuse by agencies on EK inventory and coordinate with Revenue Accounts team to raise Agency Debit Memos and follow-up of debit memos to recover the lost revenue.
• Collaborate with stakeholders to analyse and create optimised processes to setup Ticket Time Limit requirements for Individual as well as Groups for each POS/Region/Channel/Market segment
• Analyse business requirements for in-house projects, exception checks and RI analytics for system upgrades, changes and service requests
• Supervise, prioritise and delegate daily activities and report exceptions to the Duty Manager for the given shift by ensuring that the respective sections handle all accountable areas.
• Load the winter and summer schedule into MARS twice a year and handle all schedule change notices throughout the year. Ensure these are updated related to all Code Share flights and that code share partners are in synch.
• Action all upgrades and downgrades of aircraft, codeshare PNL/ADL from partner airline that were rejected for manual handling by the robotics process. Check for all Aircraft Types/Class Configuration and timings based on the Engineering Telex for flights departing in 48hrs.

Qualifications & Experience
12 yrs schooling or equivalent
Market Operations Officer
• 2 years’ experience in revenue management or a commercial department as well as experience in the use of ATPCO, Airfare, Infare, PROS, Group Handling and other revenue management systems preferred
• Exposure to office automation environment as well as analytical skills, ability to perform statistical analysis of various business situations for revenue enhancement
Pricing Distribution Officer
• 2 years’ experience in processing FQT logic.
• Certificate/diploma in international ticketing and fare construction from IATA, UFTAA or a recognised airline in-house training facility.
• Certified by ATPCO in courses that pertain to the coding and electronic distribution of fares and rules. Knowledge of fares certification obtained through Industry, IATA and in house sponsored and approved courses.
Systems / Analytics Officer
• 2 years’ experience in Software development or in testing
• Advanced skills with Programming skills (intermediate) Visual Basic preferred,
• Experience in any other programming languages such as Java, Python, R or C++
• Strong analytical skills and proven ability to work at all levels and across different cultures. Should also possess strong written and verbal communication skills. Other languages besides English:

Salary & Benefits
Join us in Dubai and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary and travel benefits that are exclusive to our industry, including discounts on flights and hotels stays around the world. You can find out more information about our employee benefits in the Working Here section of our website Further information on what’s it like to live and work in our cosmopolitan home city, can be found in the Dubai Lifestyle section.

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