ENGINEERING BASIC TRAINING MANAGER – The Emirates Group – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Job Purpose
Plan and manage the training schedule and deploy instructors to basic training courses, ensuring optimum utilization of the resources, in compliance with the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) regulations with the objective of meeting all aircraft basic training requirements. Ensure the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AMEL) programme complies with the requirements set by Emirates Aviation University.

Job Outline:
– Carry out research in the international market on technical projects such as light sport aircraft, jet engine or similar that will add value to the AMEL programme. Put forward recommendations to Manager Engineering Training for the final selection of the group project. Subsequently plan and manage the implementation and completion of the project using technical skills, knowledge and experience and ensuring maximum participation and involvement of trainees.
– Ensure approved basic training courses are delivered to the standard and content, at the required level of knowledge as specified in CAR 66 and 147 training. Also carry out the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for each Category A, B1.1 & B2 to establish the objectives and scope of each programme. The programme objectives relate to the level of training required for the target population. The content of each module should include both theoretical and practical training elements specified within each of the approved basic training programmes.
– Ensure the course materials and related training aids are of high quality and are in line with GCAA Civil Aviation Regulation (CAR) 66 and 147 training requirements and other basic international aircraft maintenance training standards in accordance with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 66.
– Manage the team of basic training instructors/examiners and workshop instructors by ensuring they are fully competent, approved by the authority and company quality system, and their knowledge is up-to-date to carry out their tasks and affirm all records pertaining to these personnel are maintained and updated.
– Participate in the selection process for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License (AMEL) programme along with Manager Engineering Training and/or Engineering Trainees Manager, ensuring appropriate candidates who meet selection criteria are selected.
– Manage basic workshop practical training and hand skills of various aircraft systems projects, ensuring all safety standards are adhered to during workshop training for the safety of trainees, equipment and premises and that the practical training is conducted in accordance with aviation standards.
– Conduct twice yearly audits of the workshop equipment and tools store. Ensure a detailed yearly plan for maintenance, repair, replacement and procurement of the relevant equipment/tools is prepared, in order to improve the workshop standards and maintain the authority approval.
– Assist Manager Engineering Training in the amendment of the Maintenance Training Organisation Expositions (MTOE) and associated manuals and ensure required corrective actions are carried out for any audit findings on Engineering basic training, restore the required standards and remain in compliance with GCAA, EASA & MTOE requirements.
– Thoroughly investigate, document and ensure appropriate/corrective actions are taken for trainees with capability and disciplinary concerns. Escalate to Manager Engineering Training and/or Engineering Trainees Manager when required.

Qualifications & Experience
Engineering.Other : 8+ Years
Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) :
Knowledge/skills: – Degree in Engineering OR holding of the Maintenance Engineering Licence on Emirates Aircraft types. – Experience in an aviation engineering environment including experience in an Engineering Training organisation. – Thorough knowledge of the GCAA/EASA Regulations. – Knowledge of the maintenance training organisational structure (Basic Training Knowledge) – Excellent report writing and analytical thinking skills

Salary & Benefits
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